I want to live life full time as a woman, but I'm married with kids. My wife found out last year, and she would have none of it. Even though she was ok at first. I had to tell her and our counselor that I was through with it, but I can't stop. I went for 10 days and really meant it, but I can't resist the nail polish, lipstick, beautiful clothing, and being a sissy.
So on days I know I will be alone in the house all day, I dress up, and I feel satisfied. And when the wife and kids are at home, I'm a man again. I hope someday to be a woman full time because it is so fullfilling.
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Even though I do not want to live as a woman full time, I enjoy wearing lingerie around the house. I wear panties 24/7 and wear nightgowns a few times a week. I told my current wife within a week of meeting her, and even though she supports me she does not participate with me. Wearing lingerie relaxes me (not sure why), and it is hard to explain to my wife why I enjoy wearing lingerie so much.

It's just a broken record for all of us, isn't it? Same here, would love to be a full woman all the time. So tired of the charade. We all know what it takes to live our dream, we are just scared of hurting and losing those that we love and that love us. Why would anybody in their right mind choose to be us!?!?

Maybe it is because we are in our right mind and desperately want to be fem and in being that in our mind we start thinking fem and that means having feelings for others especially our families leading to the desire not to offend or hurt and so we stay in the closet. It's a catch 22.

Yepper, there is more than one way to lay your life down for your family.

Your comment "I feel so calm and peaceful when I'm girled up." is often what the psychiatrists pick up on when diagnosing gender identity disorder. That and the lack of sexual arousal are the two keys.

Me too. I feel so calm and peaceful when I'm girled up. It's like my life is finally in order.

I know how you are feeling. I am in a similar situation, although I don't think I could commit to becoming a woaman full time.