Hi, I am a cross dresser and I recently started going out in public dressed as a women. I am looking for open minded women who can be friends with me without being judgmental. I am looking for company to hang out that's all.Do things like may be watch movies, Go shopping and have dinners!! This will help me become more feminine which is my goal. So if you are from Bangalore or anywhere close by pls msg me.I am well settled, Working for an MNC and Living in Bangalore.
laaquila laaquila
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 25, 2014

Sounds Interesting. Message me. I am a woman and I think i can help you. But Would you be comfortable to go out as a girl to a parlor or a place like Deepam silks or Show off??

hey, I am reserved so going out am comfortable alone for short periods of time. Not sure about going to place like deepam silks.. besides I don't know how to wear a sari.

Well If you go to a place like Show Off you can try out different dresses... even accessories and come up with a look for yourself. I am from Bangalore and I feel it will be fun. I use to have a friend who use to cross dress so I am aware of your situation. We use to have loads of fun in Forum from shopping to gauging if some one made out my friend!! Let me know if we can meet sometime!


Thankyou, I Am currently Out of country on work. Once am back we can talk. My mail id is laaquila202 a t g mail dot com Have messaged you aswell. It would be nice to have a woman's perspective. If there is support I can Stay out longer dressed as a girl...