The Feminine Feel

Hi all .let me introduce myself .I am sharmila the cross dresser from mumbai. Here I am sharing my actual and real life cross dressing events which are stories. I from my childhood been fond of cross reding .I do not know how it got into me.but since then I have not been able to suppress and hence nurtured as much as I can.There were many fantasies I used to have the only thing was I wanted to make them real.till now it been secretive life as girl and I loved it. There are so many stories which are real however I will start with one of them. This is not strory but a gradual steps to enjoy a women in me .these are few things which I used to make myself feel women . I like to wear all women stuff from sarees to dresses from all ornaments to even pads.the passion to become feminine made me to do certain copy a girl u need to observe them and I started by doing that.I told myself to make ur self a Indian women u need to study includes how they think,they walk,they talk, they shop,their likes and hobbies.I studied them all and then wanted to implement them.first thing think like sensitive,calm,gossipy,cautious jealous. When I used to walk on road I used to see other women dressing ,their shoes ,purses ornaments. This is the way women look at other women.their walk is so sexy so I learned different walks too practicing at homee.I started reading magazines relating to fashion,bridal,mills and boons,and any other female magazines and kept myself telling ur a girl. I gave up sports and men movies and started watching the all female serials.I started cooking too.I made myself dared to shop all a girls requires from bra panties to cosmetics to sanitary napkins .now I should think of girls hobbies. I thought hard about it and then I got ideas.first girls like is to dance.I joined with daring a dance class.however to be a girly dance it needed to be classical dance.I joined Bharatnataym dance . I was so scared in class as I was the onlys so called guy in class amongst almost dozen girls.I know they must have first laughed at me.however teacher supported me and later on the girls to accept it .they made me feel at it was such a feeling being in all girls watching them so closely ,their nice figures.however I kept on telling myself dear ur girl inside so be it.I completely took away that guy feeling and it started to work.I still remember how I started wearing panties while going to dance class and also wearing flat sandal of ladies.u all will not know what a great feeling it was seeing u take out ur sandals amongs the sandals of all girls.feeling that I am also wearing panties just like them.then I joined a pre primary training institute and again I knew all would be girls doing all such things ,going home getting dressed in chudi or saree and night in silky mighty was a girls feeling. I had succeeded in believing me to be girl and not guy.this was just like constant brain washing telling look gal and not guy.I still remember beside our dance class was a karate coaching class. I user to see all men going ther and me going to Bharatnatyam .wow what a feeling.after dance class I used to go with the female group for small shopping which girls do all the time.I was so shy when one girl who was shopping a top asked me do I waana one. These girls knew I was harmless And little girl like nature.for almost a year I did on regular basis all these of lingeries from malls is exciting and then coming home and wearing them on waxed body amazing.I had even dared to go out dressed and that experiences I can share in later stories.I continue this story since it went a far let u know all the schdule became like this. Mondays and Tuesday morning seven to eight I started kathak classes.then going for job. In evening pre primary training on monday . Then Wednesday and Friday I started odissi classes in evening time.thursday evening candle making class and Saturday and Sunday evening Bharatnatyam dance waist reduced and naturally my walk like women had naturally developed.after that I started chatting on these chat rooms.however I had changed I was not excited to chat with females but guess what I started fantasy of men.I do no know but that has happened bcos of my training to mind to feel and act and do as women do.I came across cd lovers and support groups.after chatting there were many friend mostly cd admirers or gays who were my online friends.whenever I used to see a blue printi used to think to be in her place with man **** and getting mind said no however ultimately the girl used to win over me. Time and again I only *********** seeing myself sucking ****.thereafter I started chatting more and fell for the game.I made a friend who was intense cd lover. I showed him myself on cam and after few days I shared number with him.however we needed to know more of each other so we decided to be girl friend and boyfriend . It was just like teal guy and girl.he addreesess me while mesaaing kya kar rahi ho, sweety ,darling,I take his care whether he ate in morning.messaging him I miss u just like girls do ,talking over phone abt his fav and naught messages ,kisses all. This went for two months and we decided to meet at my home as I was staying alone .I remember he had told me to wear as a bridal when he comes. When he will come he will msg and give two miss calls indicating that no other person is outside my door and he has come.I took a bath. I had waxed previous night. I wore a push up bra a lace panty of pink flowers. I applied aroma to my body. I wore a bridal lehenga choli.then I wore wig. I wore my matching bangles set ,nose ring a big one,the bangles were 24 of them .I wore a long and short necklace. I wore maang tika ,haathpaan,payals,rings on fingers,long earrings,bindi , I applied mascara ,eyeliner ,lip gloss,lip liner,then dark red lipstick.I wore high heels sandals.nail paints to both hands and legs nails.I wore Kamar I was a bride I never single movement and it made sound of be honest to u all I felt only women in me.only women a complete one.then the bride was ready and I waited. At around ten in morning he ws going to come and my heart was pounding.then I received message and two miscalls and door bell rang and my heart beat faster. I opened the door and let him in and locked quickly and stood very shy.but suddenly I remember to tell myself ur gave. Me daring.he was astonished to see me in such a getup.he praised my beauty.thereafter I sat beside him and we just hugged each other as both felt little uncomfortable.I told him I will prepare tea for him and then I prepared tea and lik e dulhan just served him.then
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sharmila im looking for cross dresser girl will be my partner


add me i am a cd

Very nice story sharmila. I would like to be ur friend.

i m also a cd can u add me on fb.......j

I like this story . I have the same feelings and am cross-dressing when ever i get chance.


Dear Sharmila,
I am a cd lover & hopes the next time when you door knocks & when you open the door the man in front of you will be me.Isnt dat interesting



your story is wonderfull, i shall go to ur house if u permit me. (bonpalas)

hi, sharmila,<br />
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i am radha cd from mumbai please make me friend on this site

this seems to be fantacy and not real story

No this is real believe me

Excellent story