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Yesterday I Had The Chance To Wore My Neighbor Lady's Saree All Night

My wife has gone to her mom,s place. Since past two days I am alone at home. I love to wear women's worn dresses, sarees, bras etc. I had fancy to wear my neighbor ladies saree since a long time, but I didn't have chance. She always leave her sarees in a bucket and put them in a corner outside of their door. Many times I touched her sarees once I wore her blouse just for few minutes, I was waiting for a chance to wore her saree, petticoat and blouse (she wont wear bra and pantie). The chance had come yesterday as my wife went away yesterday for 4 days. After gave her send off I went to my office and came back at 10 pm. While entering in to the premises I saw that my neighbor's house was locked. I understood that they are also gone away somewhere.
In the mean time I saw the bucket which contains her cloths for laundry. I touched the saree and and went into my house and waited for an hour to see that whether they may come back. But they didn't.
yeaa...I came out and grabbed the saree from the bucket. Surprisingly there was one more saree. i.e. two sarees, two blouses were in that bucket. Vow my **** was hardened immediately.
I took both the sarees in to my house and wore a saree and blouse and the other one I wrapped around and slept. ooooooooooooh nice odor of her body gave me so soothing sensation. I enjoyed a lot and unloaded my *** into that saree and slept.
Next day I woke at 3.30 am and unloaded once again in the saree and simply kept them in the bucket as it was.
And the next night I while I came back from office saw that their hose was still locked. I screamed voooooooooooow .... and immediately I grabbed the saree and blouse and wore them and and slept.
Today morning I woke up at 3.30 an and placed her cloths where they were. Now I am in the office I dont know whether my neighbors came back or not. If today also they are away .... again I will wear her saree and enjoy...
lingarielover lingarielover 31-35, M 4 Responses Apr 29, 2012

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i am also cd i wore sari many time nice exprieance dear

i m also cd..i also wore my neighbour aunty's satin maroon saree n silver blouse.. it was very exciting..i still remember the feminine aroma of blouse and saree mixed of sweat and perfume..ohhh

vow you are also having similer experience and simelar thoughts. Ok friend.Nice to meet you

just me ur contact number sushmitaaaa

great experience. but why dont you try it with wife's dresses too. I think you will get same sensation.

great experience. but why dont you try it with wife's dresses too. I think you will get same sensation.

I tried with my wife's dress also. But wearing others women's dresses give me more pleasure. I feel so horny with the touch of other women's dresses. I don't know the reason.