My Life Most Enjoyable Days In Mumbai

its real not a story, we went mumbai on official tour, we stay in hotel, my coleague wants enjoy in clubs, pubs, night clubs, he wants go to one club which is allowed for couples only,
he try go with some lady but not possible, and he little upset, he dont know i am a cross dresser, i told him you can go but its expenditure is more, because i dont have my saree etc.
he accepted, we went bazar and purchased rold gold ornaments, mangala suthram also, we went cloths sho he [urchased costly pink saree, ready made blouse, petikot, pantie,bra. pads, pantie with pads to show real hips,make up kit.spray good vig with long hair,etc.
he spend more money for shopping, i went saloon for clean shave and facials also, i removed my body hairs,evening i taken bath, and i started make up as woman, really we can get in mubai anyhting, bra pads, pantie pads i like it, after wearing bra, pantie i feel my body as real woman,its habbit for me to make up as woman, i am affraiding to go club as woman that to in mumbai,if something wrong wht todo, around 2 hours i taken to make up, i saw you tube how to make up boy as girl, finally i am ready at around weakend that saturday.
i looks like real woman, because my color is white, and my face looks like a woman face.we taken a taxy to go to club, we entered in club, security called me welcome madam, i feel very exciting,we enteted our name as husband and wife, its not much problem for me because i know dance also,
party stared, we are enjoying, i wants drinks but my hubby(fake) not allowing me, he is also affrading.some guys offering me for dance,i feel i was in heaven, if i real woman how i can enjoy,i taken little more drinks, strongly i decided in my mind that i am i wife of my fake hubby, that i was a woman.some young guys forced me to dance with them,party in high peak, i dont know who is pinching me, who is kissing me,really that time i looks beautyfull womanm when i saw vedeo of our party i recognised,i enjoyed a lot, no words to say, its not a storey, real life episode in my life,after party we came out, time to trme my fake hubby abserving my dressing its should not disturb.finally party over we came out, again we taken taxy come back to our hotel. night i slept in woman dress only.i enjoyed a lot, but my fake hubby cheated me, next day sunday morning i wake up around 9am, when i wake up suddenly my fake hubby enterd in my room with other coleagues, suddenly i surprised that i am in woman by one kissed me, all are in my bed, i dont know how to react, after few minuetes they cooled me, this is my real exp in mumbai, but fantastic exp, next day again he offer me to go to club.just 3-4 days i went to club, when enteted inside club staff is smilling on me, thank god they are not recognise me, they are thinking me a woman.this is my life enjoyable days
smitha19802002 smitha19802002
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Nice yaar smita

Well in that case I must say that you have been lucky..Can we be friends..

thnxs for ur comment, really its grate exp, my body comfortable for crossdressing, i am lucky, no one can rcognise me, i learn beautician course for dress up only,when i dress up feel i am a woman, my soul says you are a woman,daily i dress bup performing puja, i pray god if any futurebirths pl give me birth as lady

Happy to learn that Smitha. I am sure with your prayers in the next birth you shall be reborn as a WOMAN only..

really u enjoyed there its very happy time for all the cross dressers

yes uts real noy story

Interesting story..If it is a real experience then I am sure that you did enjoy it well enough..

yes its real not story