Need Some Suggestions

Hello all.  i am a cd and while i have been doing this off and on (mostly off) there are two  areas i could use a little advice.

First, shoes.  In my other life i am a big guy.  Where can one get nice shoes?  Right now i usually go to Payless and buy up some of their largest flip-flops.  But i would love to try some heels, and on top of it my foot is wide.  Are there some good shopping sites you might suggest?

Secondly, scent.  i usually use Shania, which started out as an inside joke ('I Feel Like a Woman,' see?)  But i'd love to try some real perfume, something that would last and make me feel very feminine.  Suggestions?

Thank you all so much.


alicia anne

aliciaanne aliciaanne
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The general rule I have found is womens shoes are about 2 sizes bigger than mens sizes... so for me I have to look for a size 14. I searched google for "size 14 womens shoe". At my size I find lots of ******** 4"+ shoes.... but I was able to find some sexy styles in lower heels that weren't ******** shoes. <br />
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Another tip I heard was strappy shoes go one size higher than your mens size... but I haven't confirmed this yet.<br />
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No hints for scent, but that cuz I don't wear any.... nor do I wear makeup. My sis is always searching on youtube for makeup tips so if anyone needs some that's a good resource.

All my shoes come from Ebay the boots as well.<br />
Allthough when buying boots with more than 4" heal, its best to go for half a size higher than your normal hun, it just makes them more comfy to wear.

tampa has shoe stores that specialize in larger sizes, i imagine other cities do,too. as for perfume go into any department store and buy it as "a gift".

lol im young and ofcoures really new at this stuff and its imposible to find shoes for me sence im a size 14.5 in mens so ive never worn a pair lol.<br />
any good sites?

Hi Alicia Anne,<br />
It can be very difficult being a CD. I have only recently come back to it and now realise that it is an important part of me. I wish there was someone that could give me makeup tips. I have been buying more makeup recently and am wearing it along with a new lace-up corset and I feel great, especially when I walk about and feel the tightness of the corset but I realise that I need a lot of advice. Oh well.<br />
Hope you get some help.<br />
Hugs,<br />

I guess I'm a lucky Gurl, My shoe size in 11 and Payless is my fav. shoe store with many sexy heels in stock. I also shop online at payless. I'll check out Avenue too Thanks girls for the tip.

Thank you, sweetheart -- i appreciate the feedback. i know where there is an Avenue, and i'll check it out. <br />
i remember some time ago you were talking about your diet. 62 lbs -- you go, girl! <br />
Since we're bragging, i've lost 51 since last summer, and THIS summer will be looking good and doing some fun shopping! Isn't it the greatest feeling? Not just looking and feeling better, but being IN CONTROL of your own life?<br />
Again, darlin' thank you -- and congrats! You must be very very proud. <br />
<br />
Kiss-kiss, <br />
alicia anne

I have large feet and I find that Avenue carries sizes that fit me. Now mind you they are not most sexy or fashionable but sometimes you finf a few gems. I used to fit into their smallest size clothing and lingerie but now that I am 62 lbs thinner nothing fits me there but the shoes still fit me.