I'm A Girl

I am a crossdresser and part of my brain is female, so I love being a girl and when I am dressed, I am attracted to men and want them to treat me like a lady. I like to be submissive, weak and helpless, and sometimes a damsal in distress. I like being in situations that are embarassing to a girl all these things make me feel female. I would like to have a date with a man for dinner and dancing and later for sex. I would like a man to embarass me in front of his friends by pulling up my dress, thus exposing my panties
and i might me so embarassed that I might pee my panties right in front of him and his friends I want the man to dominate me and although I would love to go down on a man, I would like to pretend that he is forcing me to give him a blow job, then he can *** on my face, humiliating me of course and then maybe **** on my face further humiliating me. I would also like a man to spank me since i was a naughty girl by peeing my panties. My name is Sharon and I am such a girl.
Rsharon Rsharon
Nov 28, 2012