I To Found Moms Tampons First

i was abbout 12 home alone playing in the bathroom found moms tampons read the how to useand thought i would use one any ways about aweek later i found moms douch bag it was blue and had a two pice nozzel and way betear than the ones now. thats when it started i am 45 now and still useing tampons and douches.i used to read all i could abot vaginal care and all about enemas in health and med.books .then wen i was about 13 or 14 i used to cll the health dept. and ask a neruse things i used to talk to this one older one all the time and would ask me tings and tried to get me to come in for a exam . she asked me if i enjoyed puting things in my rectume yes itold heh she allso aaasked me if i was touching my self when we talked i said no if you do tell me she said . i got a some great stoies being cought ************ and more.
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theregone to the ,s nothing wrong using these products.myself i have gone to the store and bought these products. i perfer the pearl tampons ultra with scent. then i lok for a good douche the summers eve are very good. you could get douche/enema bag from the store.try four tablespoons of white vineger to two quarts of water. very nice sissy douche,and safe.