The Housewife Fantasy

I do have a bit of a housewife fantasy. In my fantasy, however, I would be the housewife to a woman, rather than to a man.

I have no real desire to dress up as a sissy boy. Wearing a maid's costume would be fun though. Still, in my fantasy, I'm actually wearing either a nice dress, or skirt and blouse - with sheer hosiery and high heels.

I think do this June Cleaver style would be the most fun. For those who haven't ever seen the late 1950s classic American tv comedy, Leave It To Beaver, you wouldn't know quite what I am talking about. However, just do a search on June Cleaver, and you'll likely see pics of the character. Anyhow, this look would include wearing a nice vintage dress from the 50s, or skirt/blouse combo. It would be fun to pair it with a vintage looking OBG and seamed stockings with vintage heels. And it would not be a complete June Cleaver look without the single strand of pearls around the neck! LOL

I would also be quite happy wearing a pencil skirt, blouse, sheer to waist pantyhose and 4-5 inch stilettos.

Anyhow, I would happily spend the day cleaning, shopping and preparing dinner. When my lovely wife comes home from a hard day at work, I'd bring her a cocktail or glass of wiine, and let her relax a big as I put dinner out on the table. We'd have a lovely dinner, and dessert. I would do the dishes, clean up the kitchen, and then prepare my wife for an evening of hot romance.
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Of course I want to take care of all my man's needs!!!

Very nice!

I didn't see the show you are talking about, but I can imagine it. There are others that have talked of the Donna Reed phenomena....i.e. doing housework all dressed up in a nice dress, with stockings and high heels.

Stacy..That's exactly how my Woman and I have evolved. I am retired and she still works. Although She probably wouldn't mind if I dressed completely everyday...I keep it down to once or twice a week. I'm a big believer in "all things in moderation" and don't want to ruin a good thing by having it become commonplace. When I do though I am dressed in a blouse..skirt and heels with makeup and wig etc. Skirts allow me to tighten my waist and emphasize my hips! Having cleaned the house...prepared dinner and showered shaved and dressed I present Her with a glass of wine and we talk about Her day. Sometimes I'll massage Her neck and back or Her feet and to be honest...I feel like Her wife. She calls me Her wife and I love it. She gets turned on rubbing my nylon clad legs and usually grabs my hand and pulls me into the bedroom. Dinner will be late again! Ah Heaven! Cindy

That is heaven! So glad that you two can enjoy those fem times together!

June Cleaver is my role model! I also want to be a housewife for a woman, my wife Miss Barbara. The best thing is, we have plans for me to be just that. The kids will go away to school in a couple of years and our IRAs and 401k should allow me to retire and be a full time housewife. I can't wait! I am hoping to find some nice vintage dresses and spend my days just like June Cleaver.

There ya go! Sounds like a great way to spend retirement!

When you mentioned June Clever -- I know exactly who your mean -- I'm 57 and remember the TV show. As a kid, I wondered what was wrong -- my mom didn't dress like that to do housework!

And, I remember the **** VanDyke Show -- it had husband and wife sleeping in seperate beds! Ah, the unreality of 1950's TV!

But, I always look at pics of women from that era done-up 'June Clever' and think about how underneath they're wearing a full pubic bush -- look at vintage ****-- women didn't even trim back then!

So it's funny.

Today, under her faded blue jeans a housewife is shaven smooth or at least neatly trimmed. And, under June's neat-and-proper pencil skirt is a wild jungle of pubic hair!

LOL - the beauty of irony is how true it rings.!

What a great story-it's me!! I just loved it and wish for it!

Coolio! I hope it happens for you. Thanks for commenting.

Have you been to this:

She's turning her husband into her wife.

Thanks for the comment and link! Good story.

You might like this story then.

Thanks Elle - I'll check it out.

That is quite an exciting story!

Glad ya'll like it. I wanted to be Gerilynn when I read it!