Starting Young

Like Redlace I too started by secretly borrowing the girdle of females. There were those of my mother, my sister, my grandmothers who used to live with us a month at a time, aunts whom we visited, and even the females in friends homes that I visited. No drawer of female underwear was off limits to me. I became a very adept theif, though most of the time rather than taking and keepinig, I did a "use and return" policy where I would hurry into a girdle and then enjoy myself in it for as long as I though I could be missing, then slip it back where I found it.

There were time I stayed with other families for a number of nights when my folks were away, and after the first time I would borrow undies and keep them in my luggage for the duration of my stay. I would even try to wear the girdles under my male clothing. I got especially bold when there was a female in the house that was slightly older than I. They also seemed so mature to me - and also so nicely more developed that girls my age - and I would fantasize about us playing dress up together.

While this never happened because I was never bold enough to suggest it - which probably saved me from disaster, there was one girl whom I discovered I could peek on. The room I stayed in was next to the bath with her room right beyond. Both room had cafe style curtains held in place within the casement by spring rods. When I realized that one of these in the bath was pushed up on the end and I could see out, I knew I could also see in. That night I went to bed early. I pulled on the girdle I had taken from this girl's drawer and watched of the bathroom light to come on. When it did I was out the window in a flash and peeking. She came in and proceeded to undress. She had been to some social event and was dressed up. When she eased her dress off I saw she was waering a strapless bra which held her breasts nicely. She was in a long, full petticoat but she took that off right after the dress so that she was left in her heels, hose, garter belt and panties. '

Only what she had on was more like a girdle than a garter belt as it covered her from her waist down to her upper hips. It was so long in the front that it almost covered her crotch. And it was black. My new best friend had worn her white bikini panties over the garter girdle because if she had needed to go to the bathroom she would have had to take the thing off to get to her panites.

What please me is that she left all this on as she cleaned her face and put on night creams. Then to my utter delight she shimmied out of the small panties so that she stood there with her pubis exposed. My poor organ begged for release when she put the wash cloth to her crotch and cleaned herself, though to my immagination decided she was bringing herself off.

Then this delightful vixen began to pose as if she was standing before a lover she was trying to entice. Well she had me hooked and her girdle was about my upper thighs and my arm was getting tired. I spewed when she ran her hand down through her pubic hairs.
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