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As one who wears a girdle every day, I rotate through my girdle colelction. My wife insist upon this so that I don't wear the panty shaped light weight briefer instead of the heavy, side zipping, boned panty girdle. I complained to my wife that it was becoming like a routine so she came up with an idea. Her solution was for me to layer my girdles. So now I am sent out with a long leg panty girdle encasing my waist, hips and upper thighs. Over this I pull on a high cut girdle so small looking that one wonder why wear it. What it lack in size it more than makes up for in constriction.

Another layer is like this. The bottom layer is a very stretchy long leg panty girdle that ends up stretched from mid thighs to high above my waist line. Over this I wear any one of a number of panty girdles all of which are quite firm. Where the longer garment is relatively light weight, the briefer is unforgiving.

Then came the day I was going to wear short. Having been sent to a yard party last summer with the long, stretchy girdle mentioned in the previous paragraph which caused me to spend the whole time at the party being oh so careful that I did nothing to raise the hem line of the shorts since the orange girdleel would come into view. I remember how Beth deliberately left me alone so that any embarassment I might have would all be on me, and so she could watch me try not to expose my secret. When they served the meal I found a chair, spread my napkin only it was to cover how the girdle legs were going to show when I sat down. I was feeling so smug about pulling this off, until I noticed Beth off to my right. She wagged her head and put her hand down by her right knee. When I did I discovered that the while the girdle was covered from above, it was not covered on the side, for all my hand felt was the smooth material of the girdle.

When I rushed to pull the napkin down to hid the show, she laughed.

So today I wondered what she would come up with. Fortunately she gave me one of my panty girdles with the waist cuff. These are designed so that a pot belly is included in the constriction. These are nasty little things for they really hold you. This one was in a glistening beige. She also gave me a black low slung breifer designed to be worn with hip hugging outfit.

Frankly I do not understand these hip hugging girdles. Anything they would need to hold is going to roll over the top of the things. Still they must sell for they are still being stocked. Perhaps it is just proof that some women (and gurls like me) wear a girdle just to be wearing one.

What I found with these two garments on is that I had traded the threat of exposing my girdle for being uncomfortable. The two short girdles are both rated as being "firm" and together they are crushing.

[see the my pictures for one of this combination]
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You ought to try wearing a high waist girdle with a waist cincher over top ... now that is waist control ... and as close to a corset as you will get.

I'd love to see the pictures

Just some advise from my own personal experience. It is best to be fitted by a professional corsetier. I found there is lots more to girdles and it takes a fair amount of research and consulting. They key is to be fitted in the right kind of make and model of girdle. Then there is lots to learn on how to properly put on a girdle and what I did learn is the importance of relaxing ones stomach muscles and letting the girdle hold and support you, I was amazed as to how much more increased energy and confidence I have now that I wear a girdle everyday. <br />
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If you are interested in locating a corsetier please email at