Consignment Stores

I visited one of my favorite consignment stores a couple of weeks ago. When I visit I never know what will be there. I looked in the lingerie dresser the shop uses and in the third drawer I found two open bottom girdles. They looked like they had not been worn and were size 40. And they were both priced at six dollars. Well, I just had to have them. One of the girdles had the garter tabs all bent astray but I know where I can find replacements. Four garters will cost more than the six dollars but the search can be lots of fun.

A couple of days later I just had to wear it. Picked out a pair of off black stockings and quickly put them on after my morning shower. Pulled on the girdle and attached the tabs. Good fit and what a nice feeling.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

I have not looked at consignment shops, but will now. The prices of new girdles is getting so high

Hi 4billi, The prices sure are high in regular stores. Keep looking in the consignment stores. New merchandise arrives all the time.