Driving To The Airport, Dressed As Amietv.

Hi, Yesterday I had to drive to the airport. After leaving home I pulled into a lay-by on the way. I get into the back of my taxi ( it has blacked out windows), I then changed into Amietv. I put on a pair of black panties, a white Suspender belt, black stockings, black bra (with silicon falsies), black pantie- girdle, black mini skirt, and see through black top, black patent shoes. I then drove up to the Airport.  When I got near to the Airport I pulled in and changed back to male clothing, what a shame.  Having collected my passengers, and dropped them off I changed back to Amietv. Unfortunately there were no takers at the local cruising area. I had to climax myself.  Hope you enjoy this.  Hugs Amietv
amietv amietv
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

I love to do similar especially at this time of year. When its dark in the morning and evening I look forward to my commute in black bra, pantie-girdle and opaque tights under a mini or pencil skirt and white blouse. I leave the house under-dressed and a couple of mins up the road stop to change and lock my office clothes and shoes in the boot.

Fully dresses and no place to go, a real shame!! WHere are you? Newark airport? would love to have a ride from you, Billi

Hi 4billi, Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I live in Weymouth U.K. Hugs Amietv