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GIRDLES Corsets and All In Ones

I simply love being laced into a satin corset. I can lace my waist down by about 3 inches alone .When I have a friend round who is able to help with the lacing a 5 inch reduction is possible. Once the corset is tied off then an all in one bodysuit is tugged into place the cups filled with my silicone boobs and I have a nice female shape. Sheer stockings tightly suspendered, then high heel shoes and I am ready for a full make up session.

Satin lingerie is my favoured underwear then a slinky dress. A suitable wig tops of the illusion and I feel sexy and femme'. 

It was Saturday last that I had this experience wish it could be every day!!!


Carolaus Carolaus 51-55, T 6 Responses Jul 15, 2009

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You have described my dream dress up. Adore compression love tights and stockings lots of suspender straps. Ps your photo is gorgeous

How totally Wonderful it was when I stepped into my mothers open bottom long length corset.<br />
It had a zip front and a lovely satin diamond panel. The bodice had lovely lace about the Bra cups. It also had 6 garters which I got very familar with by attaching my(her) sheer stockings to.<br />
It was an Open bottom Long Line Corset and I always loved wearing a pretty pair of Pastel Panties underneath, along with and under a padded hip and butt control panty (padded girdle----this would keep me well TUCKED and smooth). The padded Panty helped me walking with a cute FEMININE sway.<br />
Even in boy mode, I wear my Lovey Girdle.

You are lucky IMACD. I was introduced to girdle wearing 5 years ago by my wife. Since then I wear one every day. I wear different styles mostly obgs or obgcorselettes. <br />
Some time ago I tried a real corset for the first time. And I can tell you it´s is such a great feeling when my wife and I tie each other into our corsets.

I have a couple of dozen pairs of control briefs that my wife and I share. I wear them everyday. I also have about 10 pair of long leg pantygirdles, and three all in one body briefers. I wear them almost every day and I love them. They support my back, and my man boobs. I also wear a pair on nylon/spandex tights everyday, which help with circulation in my legs. I really do not care if someone notices, because I am me and it not only helps with my health, but with my mental well being. I love my girdles, panties and other lingerie. I am fortunate to have a wife who loves me and understands my passion for womens underwear.

Oh Carolyn,<br />
<br />
So true are your words, I all love the shape I am able to achieve with a corset. I am now able to get about a 5 inch reduction on my own! When I was fitted for a custom corset in March they recommended I get a 24" corset and I have lost about 5 lbs since then and my waist is getting smaller through exercise so who knows what they will recommend when I can go in and actually order this custom made corset they recommend.

I love to wear girdles with shiny, silk stockings and jus recently got my first experience in an all-in-one. I am now planning t start wearing corsets, but I am still researching the pros and cons and the best type.