Girdle Tarining

I have been wearing a panty girdle since I was in my teens. Shortly after I got married my wife learned that

I was a cross dresser. To my joy and amazement I learned that she had been a secrete fan of" husband

training" which in my case was girdle training. After she had taken my panty shoping and my legs were shaved, she took me into a local foundation shop and told

the sales women that her husband " needed to be fitted for a girdle. They fitting me in a Rago 6201, and

I have been wearing one nearly every day ever since. This is a true story.It's also a dream come true

Ragogirl Ragogirl
46-50, F
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Ragogirl, you are lucky. Nothing comes close to having an understanding and supportive wife as a crossdresser.

You have the wife everyone of us cross drerssers want to have. Be sure to thank her for accepting your feminine side.

you lucky gurl.......want to share your wife?

I actually went through an experience of "Girdle Training" a couple of years ago I was fitted by a professional corsetier - she also worked with me on both the psychologicla as well as the physiolocial part of wearing a girdle. I found there is lots to wearing a girdle daily and becoming eventually girdle dependent. The corsetier I used had to teach me how to properly put on a girdle, and she had to also teach me how to relax my stomach muscles while in a firm girdle. What I learned from The Girdle Training that wearing a properly fitted girdle and letting the girdle support your back and stomach muscles that over a period of time your muscle memory need the support a girdle offers, but you will gain a lot of confidence and energy when in a girdle, this I felt was over a period of time was great, I also liked how I looked and felt held in by girdle. This was all what the corsetier I used helped and supported me. The first girdle she put me in Rago 6210.<br />
<br />
In all frankness it does take some Girdle Training to learn the right kind of make and model and how to take care of girdle and how to properly wear a girdle. Ist it worth it to be girdled trained very much so I do recommend it, now I never go without being in a girdle.

Fantastic! What do you wear around the home? Does she demand to see you in you Rago? I agree with TBurke99, please share more about your training.

Yes, please share more abot your training

Yes, i applaud you and your Wife for having such a great relationship. What other training does She put you through?