Jockey Sports Bras

A couple of years ago I went shopping at the Jockey factory outlet. At the time they carried sports bras up to a band size 44 in black and white. I just had to try them on. I asked the sales associate to try the bra on and she unlocked the door to the dressing room. I tried on the bra and it was quite comfortable and supportive. A few months later I returned to the store and could not find the sports bra. It had been discontinued. The newer style was available but not in a size above 40. I have known Marie, the sales associate, for years so we talked and asked her how do I let Jockey know about the dissatisfaction about discontinuing the larger size sports bras? She handed me the customer survey card and she said fill out the comment section and mail it back. Well, I filled out the card and mailed it back. I've received a few surveys on-line and made this comment and commented at the web site. Haven't had an answer yet.
jml2000 jml2000
61-65, M
May 24, 2012