I crossdress now and then, but I do love the way that girl shorts fit. I can get away with getting some that kind of look like they could be for girls or for guys since my wife isn't supportive of my dressing. Even so when I do go short shopping I try and find some men's shorts that are kind of short, then I usually end up cutting them and sewing they so they are shorter. Maybe next year I'll find some womens shorts that I can get and keep the wife happy.

I wonder who's bright idea it was to make men's shorts so billowy and long, down past your knees? They are so ugly. I like the styles from the 80's. Ever watch the show CHIPS? See how men wore their shorts then, just as short as the womens. It should be that if you stand straight, with your hands by your sides, the hem of the shorts should only be as low as where your wrists are, or at the most, at your fingertips.

Hugs and kisses, Jessica!
51-55, T
Jul 27, 2010