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I wear ladies shorts all the time. other than being shorter than mens shorts and sometimes the pockets are smaller I find they fit me better. plus knowing your wearing girls shorts over your panties adds some of the thrill for me. all womens clothing are softer and more comfortable
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I luv the shorter cut and softer feel. So pretty and sexy at the same time

I agree, ladies shorts definitely fit me better. Of course I tuck, so the fact that the cut shows off my crotch is no big deal ... since it is rounded and smooth like other females. But there is, with most shorts I wear, that they are womens, zipping up the back. Now it is a little embarrasing, but fun, when my wife, like on a dance floor in a bar, has reached around and unzipped my shorts, showing my panties. The only ones that I found usually notice are women ... but occassionaly a male will notice as well. Of course they think we are lesbians, but little do they know what lurks tucked into my panties!

I love girls shorts the hard part is i like to let them ride up my crotch and if I tuck my clitty gets in the way so sometimes I do and other times I dont . I have one pair from a hooters uniform that I really like

i love doing that to

I certainly admire your courage. Someday I hope to go out full femme, but for now I have to settle for things that are more unisex.

I agree with you joy in wearing female shorts. They fit so much better, and I actually like the smaller pockets! Very cute! Also agree with the comments on tucking or folding down, no bulge is the only way to go.

I agree sissiegirl, mine is tiny also so even when I don't tuck, I can just push it down and it barely shows.

my clittie is always tucked. one advantage to having a tiny clittie I guess is that almost all girls shorts, slacks and such fit me just fine

I agee and yes I love the look and fit, and so does my wife on me.

I totally agree, Most times I also love to tuck, the flat look is outstanding and feels wonderful.