Denim Shorts

I just love the way girls jeans shorts fit!  I have several pair that I wear both when completely dressed up and in guy mode.  From the low rise style to cute designs on the back pocket, they are just too cute!

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

I too love women shorts..

I hate mens shorts, they are so long and billowy. Last year I found some that fit pretty snugly and I ended up cutting them to a nice high style. Of course I couldn't go too high like I wanted to due to my mate, but it's a start.

Glad to read your comment, I wear girls denim shorts a lot. I just like the brevity. I have never really regarded it as cross dressing. I just like wearing short shorts or hot pants. I buy mine from EBay and apart from how brief they are I select a masculine style. I actually wear them quite regularly in public. I do get a few comments but not as much as you might think.<br />
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The only shorts outfits I have not worn in public yet are denim dungaree shorts which I wear around the house.<br />
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I wear all types of shorts and for example went to the supermarket wearing brief corduroy shorts bought from EBay and no one batted an eyelid.