Simulating Menstruation

As a sissy slave to a Mistress some time ago, Mistress decided that as She had to endure Her monthly period, so too should Her slave.  Since then, i have simulated menstruation over a 5 day period every month, simultaneously with Mistress.  This simulation involves making my nipples tender by fitting tight "O" rings over them; making myself feel bloated by drinking a large glass of water every half hour and wearing a tight corset, and by giving myself an enema after which i insert a tampon.  The size and nature of the enema varies from day to day.  In the first 3 days when Mistress' flow is light, the enema is about half a litre of water mixed with a small amount of ketchup.  On these days, the tampon gets soggy and i might leak a little and so also wear a light panty liner.  On the 4th and 5th days, Mistress's flow is heavy and i give myself a full litre enema of water mixed with extra ketchup, plugged with a tampon and supplemented by a large, heavy flow panty liner for this volume of enema inevitably leaks.  On the 6th day, i repeat the same enema, tampon and light panty liner that was the rule for the first 3 days.  i find that on the light days, the tampon takes up most of the enema and leakage is slight and absorbed by the panty liner but still gives me some discomfort so that i am constantly reminded of Mistress' suffering.  On the heavy days, i find it impossible to avoid significant leakage and must give myself another enema and start over with clean tampon and panty liner if i have had to make a dash to the toilet to void.  Of course, all of this is inconvenient, uncomfortable and stressful and makes me just as irritable as Mistress is during Her menstruation.  By the end of the day, i too have an aching head, brought on by the stress and perhaps excess coffe which i am often asked to drink, especially on the heavy days.  This does not of course exactly replicate all of the symptoms suffered by women but it goes a long way and gives me a greater appreciation of womanhood without actually putting me off wanting to be a woman.  There is something special about coming to the end of the 6th day and then pampering myself with a clean douche (soapy enema), scented bubble bath, exfoliating scrub and body lotion all over before slipping into a sexy satin nightdress and getting a great nights sleep at last!

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Well you are trying to feel it and good for you in doing so! I hope you have a long and happy time together!!

There's something somewhat rewarding for trans folk in having the same "issues" women have. Having a period is something we don't get to truly understand, and in some way that affirms how our bodies are stuck in an endless "almost woman" state, no matter how far transition goes. I have trouble with that... and simulate it just to feel a bit more like "the rest of the girls" in the best way I can come up with. To understand why WE do it would require a person to live in my shoes long enough to suffer what it's like to always be "different". Kudos to you for being as much of a woman as you want to be, in the best way you're able. <3
ps, the manner in which I simulate is much like yours.

Thanks honey for adding support and some clarification as to why we go through the simulation and what we get out of it. It really is a desire inherent in us to be as much of a woman as we possibly can be.

Indeed it is. ;)

A Godresses I once saw had me fill a doucing bag with mineral oil and a red oil ba<x>sed food coloring. 16 oz of fluid was entered into my rectum. I would use a super tampon with a maxi pad. The period would last two to three days. I did this for seven days and only twice. I am now using tampons because I want that feeling again.

Very nice story

Very nice story

hi roxiefox i to have period iy usual start on a friday afternoon with a large drink of drink mineral oil wich take time to get to the bottom i don't know when it will start so i have to be readyi waer a pad that night and wait for it to start some times this is coupled with laxitives for crampingwe haven't figured out how to constpate methe other thing we wish we could figure out is how to make my anus relax and leak more some thing to make it numb

Hi Roxiefox. Thanks for sharing your story. I to would like to come up with the best simulation that I can of the experience. Your ketchup idea seems to bring in the texture, consistency and color, but is it safe to introduce ketchup there? Maybe food coloring and an oil or something would work? I haven't tried any of this yet. I read another thread ( <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> ) that involved using ice cubes to induce cramping. I can vouch for that one that it works pretty well and makes things a bit uncomfortable. Let me know if you or your mistress have any new ideas.

You are right - ice does induce cramping as i can testify by my latest method. I take a condom and 3/4 fill it with a mix of ketchup and water and then seal the end with a bulldog clip before freezing it. Once frozen, i place a tampon in the gap between the ice and the open end of the condom and then insert the whole thing in my *** but leaving the tampon string and neck of the condom outside. The ice induces cramps and the melting of the ketchup/water mixture is first soaked up by the tampon but then leaks slowly through the neck of the condom onto my panty liner. i make up several of these in advance of my menstruation simulation so i can regularly re-charge the ice pack!

Nice! I'll have to give that a try.

I haven't had much opportunity for privacy since I read your post, but today is the day. I have my period in full force. I have a lot of chores to do today, as any good stay at home wife does. Period or not, I will have to do the laundry, sweep the floors, make dinner and maybe take a nap when the cramps get too bad. This is quite the experience. I'm glad I can share it with the group here.

Go gurl! Enjoy the discomfort - i promise you that you will once it is all over! Take a good hot scented bath or shower at the end of it and pamper yourself a little - you will deserve it!

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An amazingly uplifting story. You must be so grateful to your mistress. I have experimented with a tampon in my bum, have worn it at work, changed it three four times a day, and simulated a owmans period. I had no idea my secretary would be willing to help me, but I should have known. It happened accidentally when I went to the ladies with her and she went to a tampon machine I have no idea what made me say it but I just blurted I'm having period pains too. My wonderful Sheila just gave me a quick cuddle and a kiss then let me come into the same cubicle as her. She let me take the dirty tampon from her vagina, what a sensational experience that was. Then to be able, with her 'expert' help to put a clean tampon on, just getting the angle correct is a work of art, but when Sheila put one leg on the toilet seat she gwas able to guide my fingers and I was able to insert the tampon for her. Then she took my panties down and was so gently in pushing the tampon into my ***. It has been overwhelmingly exciting for me to learn of you and your mistress. Its such a shame that more people are not able to at least be emphathetic towards a 'womans' difficult days. I wish I had been able to help my Mum, but that was one area that was taboo for me. I can only imagine it was, and still is, in some peoples minds and ways, taboo. Long may there be more enlightenment to the benefit of everybody. Steffi xx

What an awesome experience Steffi, i am envious! and you are right that we have so little enlightenment and way too much taboo.

nice to share with a co worker.

You are very welcome Rosemarysgirl and I empathise with you very much. Good luck with your plan.

Thank You Roxiefox for these excellent ideas of experiencing a girl's period. For years I was not understanding of my wife's period. I did not care that she hurt and often insisted that we keep doing what I wanted.<br />
<br />
I am trying to come up with a very hard menstrual period plan for me to start with next month. I want to experience heavy cramping and use of Sanitary Napkins and tampons to make it as uncomfortable and humiliating as possible. I feel so guilty that way I treated my wife that I hope this will make me more understanding and sympathetic towards women.<br />
<br />
Thank you for the cramping ideas and any others you may have come up with recently.

Ok. I get what you're saying. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm very fascinated by it. Be blessed on your journey. :)

I hear what you say saccharine and appreciate your comments. While no matter what i do to simulate the physical sensations of menstruation, nothing can come near to equal the real physical pain that true women experience to say nothing of the emotional upheavals that they go through. However, by doing what i can to simulate that monthly phase, i have begun to understand and appreciate women much more and you are quite right in saying that it is the way it is dealt with that defines the woman.<br />
As for harming my body, i don't think i am doing it any serious or permanent damage. In point of fact, i think the amount of water i drink during that time is quite a cleansing experience and if anything, i feel better in myself once it is all over.<br />
i am really only subjecting myself to some temporary discomfort that is sufficient to keep my mind on my "time of the month" and give me an albeit small taste of just what real women undergo. And, while not suffering quite as severely as true women, i still do have to handle it, coping with both the physical inconvenience as well as the mental stress while going about my normal daily routine. There are times when i ask myself why am i doing this to myself and it is not just the threat of punishment from my Mistress that keeps me going, it is just as much the sense of achievement in having coped and managed to live with something that is as close as i can get to a bodily function that is unique to women.

Very interesting... I'm a biological women and I, in fact, love having periods and I can understand why you consider it such a huge part of womanhood. But while menstruation is annoying to deal with and makes you aggravated. It also can hurt really bad- physically and emotionally. It's not just stress and a little discomfort. At some points, you feel as if you can't take it anymore and you want to snap because of the sudden pains and whirling emotions. It is definitely a time of reflection. But it's kind of hard to reflect when you feel like you're being stabbed. Ha ha. But how you deal with every situation defines who you are. While I understand what you're trying to do, I'm a little confused. Isn't what your doing harmful to your body? Either way, I'm very intrigued by your experience. Much love. :)

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, i find it reassuring to know that others see the experience of having a period as a positive rather than negative thing. Like you, i do feel much more in touch with my own femininity because of it but also like you, believe i have a much greater understanding of women and greater empathy with them.

What a great story!!! I hope you appreciate what a wondeful Mistress you have allowing you to experience your period along with Her. <br />
<br />
Although I don't have the privilege of a Mistress to direct my period, I was amazed at how close my simulation of the menstruation experience is to yours. For most of my adult life I have experienced my period every 28 days which has become an absolute necessity for keeping my female mindset. Experiencing my period has allowed me to develop and understand my female self like nothing else and it has allowed me to become much more understanding of women.<br />
<br />
I am so glad that you are experiencing regular periods and are appreciating the understanding of femininity that this experience brings. I wish you all the best in your continuing journey into the wonderful world on feminintiy.

Wow....that sounds cool.