First Time Gay Experance

i have been crossdressing for years and always kept it to myself i would go out in public but only for drives at a point in my life i had a girl freind who i told and she went along with it for a while when one night she was over and i was in full Patricia mode and she was feeling horny but i would have none of her that night i really felt feminine and if i went with her i would feel like a lesbian.a large arguement followed and she said i always thought you were gay now you just proved it.after she left i took a ride to clear my head.i got to thinking maybe she is right i stopped at a park and took a walk feeling the air swirl thru my skirt and the sound of my heels on the pavement made feel so feminine thoughts of my former girlfreind dissapeared.i stopped and sat on a bench to relax a moment when a man came up and said hello i told him i was a crossdresser he said you make a quite lovely woman do you mind if i sit and talk a head was all turned around because no one had complimented me on my looking like a woman before.i told him yes and my feeme side really came out in full force my voice and mannerisms were all female.he then invited me to a bar for a drinkand not even thinking abot my car ieargerly said yes.when we got there i noticed it was a gay bar so i did not feel threated after we got our drinks i felt his hand on my stocking clad leg and it did not bother me.he then asked me to dance and i agreed it was a slow song and he bheld me close which felt very nice and then he kissed me which i know i shouldnt have but i tottaly relaxed and enjoyed it.a little while later he suggested we get a motel   with my heart and head in such swirl i said the sooner the better.when we got to the room i told him i never been with a man before and he said ill be gentle sweetheart.we started kissing and i felt his penis growing and i dropped to my knees undid his pants and took him in my mouth it was weird at first but i guess i was pretty good because he was moanig like all get out .when he was about ready to explode he pulled out of my mouth and went to the bathroom to get some lotion which he proceeded to rub allover my rear end and his penis he then rolled me over and went to enter me true to his word he was gentle but it still hurt like hell.after a while it got easier and both he and i were really getting into it.i found myself yelling make me your woman which he did while he was pumping in and out of me i clmaxed but it did not end there i kept ******* from the inside just like a woman when i felt him release his monterous load i felt every drop and was shaking from enjoyment.we saw each other for a year afterward.after that night i called my x girlfriend and said you know that comment about my being gay well you were RIGHT. 
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Denial to go with the partner often pushes them to do things they aren't initially thinking of... How true. Am glad you enjoyed it though...

great story I liked it wish I had the balls to do it

Great story, I am so happy for you