A while back I lived with my gma n she was helping out a close member of the familyy and she wore the same size shoe as me!! It's hard to find shoes my size she was a very big laidy but had a classy style and I loved it and her shoes. my gma is a classy laidy too so I wore my gmas cloths n the big laidies sexy heels couldn't fit into her cloths tho I wish I could they were too big for me I loved my gmas cloths too tho so it wasn't too bad I never got caught dressing in their cloths or anyone elses cloths but I wish I would I want the world to know but I'm scarred to tell
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I do not know your situation but let me tell you that if you have no family then what is there to be scared of I have found that letting the world around me know it has been so liberating and has helped me to live a more complete life I am making new friends and most people are quite supportive of my life style