My Dream Last Night

I was wearing an over the knee tight skirt with splits on both sides, stocking & suspenders,classy 5" heels & a business style waist length jacket, I was walking around when i saw a bench style seat, when i sat down i was aware that someone was sitting next to me. Looking around i saw a really grubby looking old man dressed in raggy clothing. I turned & looked the other way crossing my legs, my stocking tops showing through my split skirt.

He said "you wearing suspenders under that skirt?" I tossed my hair back & ignored him but he started to feel my stocking tops eventually stroking my bare thighs with his dirty hands. It felt really hot and dirty! I stood up to walk away when he grabbed me from behind holding me tightly by the waist, i could feel his bulge poking hard into my bottom through my skirt. It felt sooo dirty as i wiggled my bottom into him as he groaned untill he ***. When i awoke i found i was wet with my ***. Wish i could dream like this every night!

How i just love dirty old men!
michellecd michellecd
1 Response Jul 19, 2010

I like that dream, but I'd like it better with a shemale. Hope you have many more nice dreams.