Wife Watching Me With Another

I have always enjoyed crossdressing, and my wife has always shared my fantasy of me being with a guy while dressed as a woman. I got home from a business trip early on a friday afternoon. My wife had left a note on the kitchen counter to go into the bedroom and follow the instructions left there. I went to the bedroom and found a complete outfit laid out on the bed waiting for me. The note told me to shave my body completely and then get dressed and go to a local day spa for a makeover, they would know what to do. I had never been out of the house dressed up before and was both scared and excited. I did as I was told. I spent the next three hours getting made over from head to toe. I even left with a full set of acrylic nails and my ears pierced. I couldn’t believe how passable I looked. My wife’s car was already in the drive when I got back home. I strutted my stuff walking up the front walk. I had never felt sexier. When I stepped inside, my wife met me at the door and told me there was someone here who wanted to meet me. I now was scared. The guy she wanted me to meet was a coworker of hers who she had talked about being gay or bi. I was introduced as Pam. We ate dinner and all went to the living room to have a drink and talk. My wife put on some romantic music and told me I should dance with Bobby. I did as I was told and could feel him getting excited as he rubbed against me. Before long, he was kissing me and feeling me up. My wife just sat there and told me to enjoy it and relax. When we sat down, my wife told me to please him orally. When he finished, she led us up to the bedroom and watched as he made love to me. I was enjoying it so much I didn’t notice my wife vide taping us. My wife made me spend the entire weekend dressed as a girl. The three of us had incredible sex all weekend. I was made to go out as girl on saturday night with them. Now, my wife makes me spend most of the time at home dressed up and serving her and whoever she brings home. Check out our profile for more about us.
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What a stunning story and experience!! How I would hope I could ever experience something like this with someone who loves me and is as supportive as your wife is. Thank you for sharing :)


i wish i had a wife like yours that would be very nice i do enjoyed crossdressing i don't go out dressed i don't have the courage to

That sounds really great. I wish I had the courage to do that........