Unexpected Summer Job

I was in high school and wanted to save money to buy a car. A friend of mine worked in the local hardware store so I stopped in and asked about workign there. They told me no jobs available. As I was walking back home I saw a help wanted sign in a wedding dress store. Since I really wanted a car, I stopped in and asked about the job.

The manager told me they were looking for a sales associate, but could also use help in the stock room as shipments of dresses were arriving soon and they were too heavy for the girls to move. This included dressing and moving mannequins. She offered me a job and I accepted.

After working a few days the manager noticed how well I did with the mannequins. One of the younger girls was teasing me about the compliments I got so I began copying what she was doing just to annoy her. She was actually practicing to be a wedding dress model in a charity event just 5 days away. My manager noticed and complimented me again on how well I did.

A few days passed and the charity event was the next day. My manager pulled me aside and said she had a big favor to ask of me. She explained the young girl I had been copying was going to wear the feature dress in the charity event and she fell and sprained her ankle last night. Now my manager was asking me to take her place in the show.

I said no, but she pleaded with me to consider since I was about the same size and my copying had actually been pretty good pratice for the event. I agreed.

When I arrived at the event, the other girls in the shop brought all the underwear, forms, make-up, wig and other things needed to transform me into the feature bridal gown model. I was very nervous when it was my turn to take the stage but stepped out anyway and walked just like I had practiced before. The show went very well and ended with several orders for the dress I was wearing.

As we were cleaning up to go home, the girls from the shop were planning to go out to talk about the show and have some fun. They invited me along and I declined because I thought it would be awkward having a guy hanging around when they were having girl time. Just then they pulled out a miniskirt, tank top, and heels for me and said I have no excuses why I couldn't go because to them I was one of the girls now.

We all went out talked, danced and had a great time. In fact, my friend who tried to get me a job at the hardware store was there and asked me on a date not knowing it was me.
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4 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Amazing how girls can spot the real us! Sweet story.

That is awesome and yes I would love to hear what happened in the days afterwards.

Sounds great tell us more of what happened afterwards. Did you still work their and did you dress as a girl while working there now.

wouldn't he have been surprised if you said yes...........<br />
Did you want to say yes.....