My Lady Neighbour

I had always wanted to be seen by a female while dressed. My elderly neighbour was a widow in her late sixty, nothing fancy mind you but a very independent and quite dominant woman. I used to find any excuse to go into her house most of the times wearing a white shirt or T shirt with a white bra clearly visible underneath or letting her see me dressed in the garden and nothing ever happened. She never said anything about it and that would frustrate me something awful. I had also started to go out in the evening dressed. Firstly driving around, the walking and sometime venturing into superstores. I was only read once but nothing was said and so I got bolder. I then started to work out in my mind various scenarios on how to let myself be seen by her and the best one I came up with was as follows. One night, I got fully dressed with make up and wig, drove to a phone booth and called my neighbour. Hi, I said and told her my name, I have got a favor to ask you. What is it? she replied, I have locked myself out of the house but  I have left my back door open, would you mind if I come over to your house and cross over the gardens? Yes, she replied, no problem. Thanks I said, with my heart in my mouth, but I need to tell you that I'm not conventionally attired. She probably didn't understand was I was talking about and she said just come over. As I put the phone down I realized that there was not turning back. My heart was pounding and all the lust I had before suddenly disappeared. Doom and gloom entered my mind but I had to go. I drove to her house, stopped the car, took a deep breath, walked up to her front door and pressed the door bell. She looked out of the window and then came to the door. At first she did not recognize me but after I asked her to let me in she moved aside and I entered her house fully dressed. Once in the living room she burst out laughing saying what on earth is this all about at which I told her not to laugh please. She apologized and told me to sit down. I took my coat off and sat on the settee, crossing my legs hoping that my underskirt would show or better that she could get a glimpse of my stockings tops. Before she could say anything I came out with a cover story of how I got to like dressing up and thought she believed me. We then chatted normally about different things, I even asked if I could use her toilet. We spent 1/2 an hour just talking then I sensed that it was time for me to go and I left via her back door. Nothing else was said in the ensuing months, I kept dressing up and wandering in the back garden and a few times got talking to her while dressed. By now I was fantasizing about her allowing me to become her maid and do her housework and I had the chance of telling her this the time she fell and hurt her arm. I was again in her house but dressed normally and when she told me that  she wasn't happy to have home help doing her chores I just blurted out that I was more than willing to do it for her; at her first refusal I went down on my knees and pleaded that I would do it gladly under her supervision but again she politely refused. Sadly she passed away not long after that leaving me with my fantasies of what could have happened. I obviously looked around the neibourhood for another woman to show myself to but alas there was none suitable.
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

It is a shame that the people who accept us for we are depart from our lives .I hope your search will eventuate some day

very good story, and i admire your courage!