An Old Crossdresser

My name is Nina (Ken).  I am almost 82 years old and still love to crossdress.  I started out at age 11 when I tried on my mother's corset.  At first I had just a corset fetish.  It became frustrating as I grew up because I outgrew mom's corsets and girdles.  From about age 15 I kept up my interest by viewing mail order catalogs and any other reading matter.  At age 21 I coerced my fiance into wearing a corset and my desires were temporarily satiated.  After we were married I tried on her corset and it all came flooding back.

With her acceptance one thing led to another.  First came stockings then heels, followed in turn by dresses, makeup, wigs etc.  I read every book, magazine and whatever that I could get my hands on.  Somewhere along the line a rubber fetish developed and I added rhose items to my wardrobe.

I very rarely go out dressed.  When I do it is usually to a group meeting or my favorite CD shop.  My wife has passed on so my only solace is sitting at home as Nina.  As a passtime I amuse myself writting CD stories.  I will add some pictures here when I get a chance.  I do have pages in Flickr under the name; cdlover.  check it out.

1/30/08  Shortly after my last post I cracked a rib, thus precluding wearing my corset.  My corset is the mainstay (no pun) of CDing for me.  Without it CDing is no fun.  Today, feeling much better I am again laced, dressed and Nina is back.  It feels so wonderful.

Time really flies.  It's been a month since I added to my story.  I am spending these cold winter days (and nights) as Nina.  My long corset is very warm and cozy.  I usually wear a short skirt so I can massage my nylon covered legs as my wife used to do.  A glass of wine or a Manhattan usually sets the mood.  I would love to share an evening with someone (M or F).  I have added some pics of me as  Nina.

03/21/08  I haven't added anything to this story for a long time.  Most of my writing has been directed toward my corset story.  Actually they are tied together.  I wear corsets and I cross dress.  Actually, corseting is my main desire.  If I couldn't corset I probably wouldn't crossdress.  I think I will check Ebay to see if I can find a red dress.  I think red is a very sexy color.  My only red item currently is my nightie that I frequently wear (over my corset) to bed.

I'm lookining over my picture collection and may post a few new ones later today or tomorrow.

04/07/08  I've added several pictures to my collection including one or two of my rubber fetish.

04/10/08  A few thoughts have come to mind.  I have gone out as Nina (sneaked out might be a better way of putting it) four or five times in my entire life.  Two were to Tri-Ess meetings.  I would never go again.  They are a bunch of snobs who don't make a new person feel welcome.  They are very  "cliquish".  I went to my local transformation (CD) shop a couple of times.  I visited an elaborate Christmas setup in a neighboring town.  Unless you've done  it you wouldn't believe how cold a leather car seat and a winter breeze are when wearing a short skirt.  My new car has heated seats but the wind is still there.  That's it, my total "field"excursions.  I have been "dressed" since 9PM last night (slept in my corset and nylons).  It cold and rainy out so I think I will spend the rest of the day as Nina

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yes I know how cold leather seats are when wearing a short skirt and stockings

your life has been very satisfying,by the sounds of your stories.anyone who can be with the love of their life,and share all the daily things in life with approveall of your spouse must be a love blessed by heaven, im encouraged to still find the match for me who will also have my fetishes with an open mind and heart. thanks for being your honest self.howlin xo.

I have been searching the internet for "matue" crossdressers. All I get are not what I've been looking for. You are the second real "mature" crossdresser I've found! I am going to be 61 this<br />
month and have been dressing since I was 5. Can't live with out it!!!! My wife loves it also!!<br />
I wish I could "get it up" cause I'd make a mess whenever I look at your photos. Oh well!<br />

I'm also a 59 yr. old cd. I'm always looking for someone to dress up with. Unfortunately, distance seem to be a major factor. I'm willing to travel a relatively short distance for a weekend of dining, dancing and dressing....Well, the last part anyway.

Than'ks love for your Diary1...a good idea!<br />
<br />
Maybe we should all do one!

I like Nina's stories very much, as I feal often the same way. Sometimes I wear some ladies clothes too, but I stay a real corset lover. sturopmal

Very interesting life you have had. I did know a cross dresser once - he came to our party as Michael and left as Michelle. I put make up on him. It was fun.