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I Got Caught My Little Cousin

I forgot about this until reading some stories. I was around 10yrs old  and  fully dressed . I was wearing a frilly dress ,stockings with a garter belt . I had on make-up. I was wearing apair of mary-jane shoes,that were to small. It took awhile to get my feet in them, but i had to. I could feel my feet swelling in them, but it was worth it. I was at my cousins house for a family get together. My girls cousins clothes fit me pretty good, i had worn them many times before. There room was up-stairs and generally no one came up during these times . It happened twice ,once at my uncles other house where they used to live ,but i did not get caught that time.  This time i went down stairs while everyone was way out in the back yard. I walked around inside house,i even went to the back door and stood there. I was in heaven, but scared . My clothes were in the up-stairs bathroom, so i was not to worried. If i had to i would put the dress in the dirty clothes pyle and hide the shoes . I would wear the rest of the stuff home , i had to do that at the other house. I was walking up the stairs when i heard my little male cousin ( around 6yrs old , i think) calling out  Candy ( his older sisters name and the girls clothes i was wearing ). Her and i were about the same size and our hair was the same color. I was wearing her hair ribbons. My hair was alittle longer. Her mom was always threating to dress me up if i did not get my hair cut. I wished many times she would have . I turned around without thinking and froze for acouple seconds , then yelled at him ( in my most girly voice ) to go back outside and leave me alone . She usually had to yell at him too. I had trouble getting the shoes off, my feet were swelled and hurting. It was well worth the pain . I got changed ,went down stairs and started watching TV. I was waiting for them to come in and say something, but no one said aword .  Did  he really think i was his sister. She was wearing a dress to. They were used to me being by my self  .   I  was really shy ,even around family.  That did not stop me from dressing when i went there , if i could i would. It was all worth the fun i had.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 9 Responses Jan 2, 2011

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Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Abigail43. I know what you mean about high heels. I have worn high heels for nearly 40 years and I the first time i put on a pair it just came naturally. The higher the better. I currently have 2 pair of 6" heels and so love them. But always wearing pantyhose with them.<br />
<br />

Interesting story I am also like to wear Sarees,petticoat, Skirts.

I took many chances like that , I guess i was hoping to get caught. I have afew more stories like this one. i hope to get to write soon.

Please write some more soon cindyloulove. I love all the victorian dresses, you know like from the Railway Children and that white dress Sally Thompsett wore. I love all that kinda frilly stuff.

She left a couple pairs of high heels that i tried on but could not walk in ,yet<br />
<br />
I can't believe that walking in heels did not come naturally for you .<br />
When I put on my first pair of heels it was like I had always worn them I thought I was supposed to be wearing heels these were my aunts heels about 3 inch heels I loved and adored them and would put them on when ever I had a chance

That is what i grew up around( garters and stockings) . I always loved them. That is what most women wore back then. Those i had on belonged to her older sister. She had moved out but left things in their room . She left acouple pairs of highheels that i tried on but could not walk in ,yet. I grew up with afew women in my family. I had lots of things to try on, but that is another story.

You were fortunate it was a 6 yr old who saw you. 6 yr olds have such imaginations anyway ... it is suspect he would be believed even if he told. He probably wasn't sure himself what he saw. Back then, girls wore some pretty things ... day of the week panties and embroidered and lace-trimmed slips. At 10 yrs old you were wearing garter belt and stockings ... lol ... jumping the gun a bit ... weren't you? Those stockings were so silky ... weren't they?

Cindy. you forgetting to unlock the door reminded me of one time.<br />
I was out driving at night while dressed up and I stopped and had a walk around the riverbank.<br />
When I got back to the car, all the doors where locked.<br />
I freaked out as to how I would get home for a few seconds.<br />
I walked around the car in the hope one door was unlocked, no such luck.<br />
I did noticed that one window was open just a little so I shoved my arm in to pull the knob to unlock it.<br />
I did get back in, but my arm was hurting for days.

Yes it was . I had to get fully dressed again and go outside. I had gotten a skirt and top from a box a neighbor put in her garage. It was late at night ,i got dressed and snuck out the backdoor. I walked up and down the ally for 10minutes. I went back home and could not get in. I was so nervous when i went out i forgot to set the deadbolt to stay unlocked. I sat there for afew minutes scared to death. I was afraid someone would drive by. Then i remembered my window was opened and i could in. I was hooked on going outside after that . I also remembered to set the lock and that my window was opened.........

Back then we all went to bed about the same time.If i had got caught,I could've been dressing in the open.I now know mom wouldn't have cared