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I Just Looked At All The Poles.

Its very interesting but not surprising.
Half dress as prostitutes. So half dress just for the sexual pleasure and arousal.
Not many dress fully.

I for one dress just as the woman thats inside me. To be a woman and not just for the sexual pleasure, I dress for hours on end just being a woman.
I dress like I am going to a party.
Or in a french maids dress and do chores about the house.
I always fully dress from head to toe, no half effort.
I dress to be a woman, not just a guy in a dress. As a woman I can be just myself and express myself without recourse. when in male clothes I feel so inhibited and have to watch what I do, I feel like a girl who is pretending to be a guy.
I want to be All woman and yes I am gay, gay towards females..
RobynTheBeautiful RobynTheBeautiful 41-45 4 Responses Jan 19, 2011

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Where is this poll? I see this discussion started six months ago but I'm curious about the results too.<br />
<br />
When you get into the subject of people who dress not for sexual pleasure but to "be the woman that I really am", you're getting passed simple crossdressing and into transsexual area, where they either plan to or want to have SRS.<br />
<br />
The real minority are those who dress not for sexual pleasure and not to be a woman, but because we want to be men with nice dresses :-)

Go to the this groups profile page and on the left side about half way down you will see the polls that I am talking about. I guess I have crossed that line into transsexual area. I have entertained thoughts of having the sex change op. I feel I would be better off as a female.

I dress fully when at home and swap skirt for female trousers when out but as usually have a fleece over my top people don't notice the female clothes or don't comment.

Good for you too.<br />
We are on the same wavelength.<br />
Sorry we don't live close.

Good for you . I am very similar to you I like to dress because this is how I feel comfortable I even go out dressed as Abigail I take pride in the way I dress and I get a lot of compliments on the outfits that I wear. The woman inside me is putting the man inside me to sleep as I dress most of the time now and the new people that I meet know me a Abigail