After Work

I have to wear male clothing at work, but I am always wearing panties and I wear my bra when it is cool enough that I'm wearing clothing which doesn't show my bra lines. But, as soon as I get home after work, it's off with the drab clothes and into a dress or skirt. I have a housedress that I love wearing around the house. My other favorite is one of several Hawaiian Muumuus that I have. They feel so soft and silky as I fix my supper and lay on the couch to watch tv.. Of course, I'm dressed all weekend, and am starting to go out places with my cross dressing friend, Barb. My fem name when I go out is Fiona. I love her character on TV, and it fits my Celtic background.
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I agree, I love wearing my bras too. But in my job, I can't wear loose clothing which might be snagged when I am working on rotating machinery, so I usually can't wear my bra there during the hotter months. But as soon as it cools off enough to wear a heavy shirt, a sweater or jacket, I wear my bra daily