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I Lost A Bet

This past weeken me and my friend had a bet. Don't ask what it was because it involves a inside joke and u had to be there to understand. Since the bet was posted on YouTube we were going to post how it went on you tube. If I won Which I didn't he had to tell his deepests darkest secret to YouTube I no it so when he told it I would no if he would lie. The secert is a very humiliating and depressing secert. If he won I had to go to school in a skirt so now I hav to go to school in a skirt this Friday. I went to the school website to checkout the school dress code policy and as long as it knee length and it's school colors I can't get in trouble because the policy never says that girls can only wear skirts. I went to school in my pants so my parents won't know then when I got to school me and my friend went to the bathroom so I could change I started to change while he made the into to the video when I was done dressing he showed me off and the we left the bathroom I hesitated but I walked like I wasn't wearing a skirt. People all looked at me and asked me why I was wearing one luckily it was free dress at school so I said that I could wear whatever I wanted on free dress so I did but later I told them I lost a bet. When school started I was scared to go tho my classes but I went. Most of my teachers asked why I was wearing a skirt and I told them I lost a bet and they went on with it. One of my teachers is one of those that tries to embarrasses u when ever he can so he made me go to the front of the class and show off the skirt after. When lunch came the word must have gotten out a lot because many people were trying to record me on their phones. The worst part is that the year book staff took a picture of me and said they are going to put it in the year book. By the end of the day I was ready to take it off I took it off in the bathroom and walked home My friend will not upload the video until Friday so that's when I will give you the link to the video
babietimmie babietimmie 13-15, M 7 Responses Sep 19, 2011

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I actuly walked rite into it I should have worded it more carefully so he was able to find a loop hole and that's why I lost

Friend: [shows a pair of 7s]: All I have is a pair. What do you have?<br />
Timmie: [looks at the three aces in his hand]: Darn, I can't beat that. I guess you win and I'll have to wear a skirt! [quickly shuffles the aces back into the deck before friend sees them]<br />
<br />

someone was bluffing to get to wear that skirt!

Please let us know how it goes on Friday<br />
Hugs<br />

I agree. NO cheating. you must wear panties with the skirt. Your boys undies are not suitable for this. Like Melodie said, no shorts or pants at all. You need to expreince this. It may bring further chances of you exploring your femme side. Go for it. Wearing a skirt will be very different for you. I agree with you doing your research on the dress code too. Kudos. We eagerly await your follow up.

It appears you are looking forward to wearing the skirt to school. You know you have to wear panties under it, no shorts or pants under it. Too bad it wasn't a dress, the girls would not leave you alone.

It will be an interesting day for all!

Cool. thanks for sharing and enjoy your skirt day!