How To Tell My Girlfriend

Since I told my girlfriend that I used to cross dress n she said she doesn't want me to do it I have been dressin up more, is there a way of explainin to her I'm not gay as all I want is her but want to be free to dress up if I want to???
Bristolxd Bristolxd
31-35, M
2 Responses May 12, 2012

Bri, that's easy. Look at her. Is she wearing bluejeans, and a t shirt, like most girls do these days? Those are boy's clothes. Ask her, when you put on your jeans and shirt, do you feel GAY?! She will say NO. Then, tell her, same with me. When I put on girls clothes, neither do I feel GAY. Most would think that should end it, but it probably will at least help her with her crazy assumption. Good luck with this, and keep us posted. We're your sisters and are here to help :)

Tell her it is an essential part of your character...and you feel a whole lot better when you do it - hopefully she will come to accept it( my wife did and I felt secure enough to tell her I was bisexual )