Sister Caught Me

I was like ten years old was at home with sister who was eight and I was in laundry room getting stuff out the dryer when I found a pair of my sisters panties and decided to put them on and the felt so good so kept wearing them all day well we were playing and she seen them and told my mom was really mad made me take them off and go to my room she said she would call for me when it was time to come out my room so I waited thinking of how much trouble I was in and she eventually called she said if I was going to try on sisters undies then my punishment was she was going to dress me all the way so she took me in her room and put me in sisters undies and a sun dress and platforms shoes and put my hair in a pony tail I acted like I didn't like it but inside it felt right and my Lil sister loved having a big sis for a day we played all day that way now I'm 32 years old my mothers kinda knows but my sister lives with me and she helps me dress up everyday
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

Wow your so lucky to have a supportive sister to share your femside...;-)

Sis wants me to go see are mom dressed up what do you think

That's what my sis says but I haven't made up my mind. I'm scared of her reaction

Just do it or do you want to live the rest of your life wondering of 'what ifs'. These 'what ifs' can eat you from the inside out. trust me on that. And you have your sisters support as well.