Crossdressing In Public

I sometimes dress in drag, and go out shopping for womens clothes. I dress as classy, and age appropriate as possible, and have gotten a few compliments from saleswomen, and other women, while out "enfemme", on making a nice looking "woman". I love getting knowing smiles from ladies, while out, and have the right of freedom of expression. I think it would be more risky, to wear obviously womens clothes, if not acting the part as well. (Even though our society accepts women wearing mens styles, and/or actual mens clothes...including our underwear...And we all think they're still sexy!) I'm straight male, (as 95% of crossdressers are) and I feel no less a man for exploring my feminine side.  I also appreciate my maleness even more-so, after very long in hose, heels, etc., and think it enhances my empathy for what women face regarding western societies views on "perfection" in womens looks, in the media, not to mention the hassle it takes to get a pretty look, w/ makeup, clothes, heels, etc..((Ouch!))...That I can't walk a mile in, Im sure! (Almost crippled me in one trip to a mall once, limping back to the car in my heels.)  ANY Women that have any positive comments, or supportive views (Or were even amused) to share here, would be appreciated.

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i really liked your story but i have to disagree with the statistic that 95% of crossdressers are becomes curious about this other aspect of being a complete woman, while i am not attracted to most men there are a few that entered into my fantasies..... and some into reality.

Thanks PHSensei, I've never struggled with wishing to "be' a woman, and like my guy side, don't act a woman when dressing up at home, but like the acting challenge, if enfemme mode out shopping.(Though still talk in my reg. voice often w/ salesgirls, and they seem to appreciate that). It depends on the situation at hand. Lucilly my wife is at least all right w/ me wearing panties, but doesn't wish to see me in full drag, even without a wig & makeup. I accept that, and don't push the issue with her.I wouldn't change my guy side at all, and am active in sports, etc., & not effeminate as my guy self at all. Just fun to emulate the sexy side of what women have, with all the great finery. I call it "giftwrapping", which accentuates their sexuality.Best wishes to you, and welcome as a new friend!

For me its expressing the yin and yang at the same time. When i dress Idont act like a woman, I act like a guy. I sit a bit more modestly in a short skirt but you can imagine why. I don't feel like a guy trapped In a mans body, but rather a guy who likes to feel sexy. For me women are sexy, so Its a way to emulate what I appreciate. It works for me as well as my wife. She doesn't feel like she has a girlfriend but rather a more complete and honest husband.<br />
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I stuggled for years with whether I was in thr wrong body etc... what i realized is that my desire to wear skirts and hosiery led me down sone slippery slopes. If this, then that thinking.... but I also enjoy my guy time too. Eventually I figured it out... im just a guy who likes feminine clothing choices, and thats ok :)

if thats OK with you then thats really all that matters

it sounds like your wife is now accepting- is this true or am i wrong

She is very accepting, and had been supportive all along. My ex wife wasn't, but she is the ex for a reason. Life is much better this way.

Amen to that Sis.

You lovelies are so lucky that you can go out in drag and more or less get away with it.<br />
I just look like an old fool in a dress, which I would prefer if I could..<br />
However,Girlie short shorts are OK. I have often wore (not real high) heels with them. <br />
The sideways glances from the smart "knowing" women at the supermarket are quite fun.<br />
<br />
lipstick and a bit of eye are soo great to wear. Having started just around the house, now I never ever go out without a little makeup. My excuse is that this old gnarled face needs a bit of a lift. And, I love the slightly sticky feel of lipgloss. <br />
<br />
For the first time in my life i have let my hair grow past "the short back and sides" <br />
Well past, and I love it !<br />
Nothing like a little curl above the eye.<br />
Takes a bit of brushing, that's enjoyable too.<br />
<br />
What a lovely thing it would be to have someone to share all these great new experiences.<br />
<br />
Never mind how things are is fine.<br />
<br />
Cheers<br />

Thanks for sharing this story. One of my most favorite things to do is go shopping enFem. sometimes look drop dead gorgeous (at least that is what I see in the mirror) & other times it is more casual & I could be spotted from 100 yards away as a guy in womens clothes. It might just be a girly shirt & cute flats with girly jeans & lip gloss but when I am wearing those clothes - I do everything I can to act like a women because I feel that I am.<br />
<br />
I applaud you for getting out mingling with society dressed as a women. I find that most places I go that I am excepted and there always my favorite places where I feel encouraged and loved.

Hey mother you should. i'm sure it would be fun for you.

It's good to hear of a positive experience. I'd love to do the same but I could never pass and besides I'm too scared of what my family would say if they found out.

year the old family- they are annoying

PS I plan on trying to do it in a different state and a capital city when I am older