Please Read My Story I Want To Tell It To The World! (:

ok lets start,hello im shay and im 16 years old.
my story srart 4 yers ago , my parents were on a vacation for 2 weeks,some night my old sister (16, today shes 19) had a pajamas party with 2 friends.2 days before the party i got an F in a test in school and i didnt tell my parents. the night of the party i was bored somuch! so i ame in into my sister's room and ask them if i can join(i didnt know what is pajamas party) so i asked them what i have to do to join cuz they didnt really want me to join, so they told me "a girly stuff" i said ok and out the room.. my sister said"wait! if you wont do what we are telling tou to do ill tell mom about your F, so i had no choise , i joind them.
they put on me a pink dress(poofy like princes) wierd but i actually liked it haha, and they start make up me and put gloss lipstick on my lips, then they paited my nails in pink and made me act like a princes. and they put my hair into pigtails(i had very long hair at the time). i dont know why but i liked to be a princes.
sience that they every time i have a chance to wear girl clothes ill take that chance!
im not gay or something but it nice to wear girls clothes sometime...(:
thank you for reading it you can comment if you want (:
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For the F your sister and or her friend should have spanked you after dressing you up.

that sounds like a FUN pajama party..did your sister continue to dress you up? mine did!