My Confession To My Brothers Girlfriend

well this is sort of an aftermath to my previous story (that i suggest you read as back story for this one)  EP Link After getting a lot of helpful and warm replies on my other story, I decided that I should take some of your advice. now I've found that it is easier (for me) to break news to people over the internet rather than in person (though it is not the most ethical.) After my brothers girlfriend befriended me on Facebook, I decided that she would be the first adult that I "came out" to. Especially after she told me that she was coming back to our house. The results came A LOT better than I expected. I saved and modded our Facebook conversation as to keep personal information safe. Below is our conversation:
(also, any information put into [.....] is me)

me: sup

her: Well hey there mini bro! Guess who's coming back to shake up the household some more?! Me(: Yup, I'm stuck in Glenwood trying to get back, actually. Next time you see Jesse [my brother] tell him to text me or call D's phone for me (***-***-0828)

me: did you just refer to me as "mini bro?"

her: Yes, yes I did(: More ingenuitous than little bro, isn't it? xP

me: well, aside from that, i umm....kinda need to discuss something rather
serious with you

her: Sweet lord...this can only mean imminent disappointment and/or amusement

me: prehaps both. to clear something out of the air, i AM NOT homosexual.
get that out of your mind right now.

her: Damn! One can only hope xP lol jk jk

Go on sir...seriousness *cough cough*

me: also, you would make the first adult i've told this count as
an adult (you have the mentality of a 15 year old :P)

her: 15 and a half!

And I do count...I'm 20 now(:

me: ok fair enough. ONE last question, umm.....did you know there are straight crossdressers?

her: Yes yes I did(: in fact I know a couple;;it's great fun(: sometimes I like
to dress like a boy and it rocks

me: oh.....really? oh....this makes live easy, well, ONE other thing: say
someone was wearing your clothes while you were away, how mad/not mad MIGHT you be?

her: Pauly Pocket [her pet name for me]...if you are Facebook confessionalling right now that you played dress up with my clothes while I was away...I could not be more thrilled(: Not even an ounce of anger(: in fact;;that put the biggest smile on my face I've had since I left lol :) rock on, sir(:

me: uhhh..........that was A LOT easier than i planed in my head, also, would
it be okay if i were to continue doing it while you were working/asleep?

her: Hell yeah! I fully approve(: consider me one giant green checkmark :D

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That's fantastic!

Fabulous sweetie