I have always had an interest in wearing the other genders clothes. I like the feeling of skirts, panties, and bras, but being as tall as I am (6`6,) I can't "blend in" like other can. I dress at home only, and have been out twice dressed, once with great results (got hit on by a guy I've known since grade school) and once was horrible (girl started yelling at me and humiliating me in a Wendy's.)
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How did it feel to get hit on

Yeah, I'm 6' 2" and it is a bit difficult to get into convincing female mode. At least there are more and more tall females (basketball, volleyball) so that someday a tall CD won't have a problem.

Makes one wonder what that girl at Wendy's problem was. Sure you are taller than most women, I am too at 6'2, though not as tall as you, but like any tall gal we do stand out in a crowd. But I had a couple GG friends in university who were as tall as you and they said don't worry about it, you could be a womens basketball player so you do get more attention but you blend. Apparently you do too, getting hit on by a guy you've known since grade school.