Any Other Crossdressers Who Feel The Same Way?

Not sure about alot of you, but i don't dress as a fetish or sexual thing. i do it because i feel more like myself when i'm a girl. iv'e been thinking of going to gender therapy when i go to college/ university. i'm sure there's others out there that feel the same way as me. so if your out there please message me! so far iv'e been alone while dealing with all of this and having this feeling and dealing with it alone is awful i know from experience. let's help eachother out!
Krystalcox Krystalcox
3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I can relate to how u feel, I hate dealing with this by myself, I wish i had some one close to me who i could talk to but i don't :(

I can appreciate how you feel. When I started to dress at eleven, I felt so much like a girl, I wanted to be a girl, simple as that. My doctor did help me so much with therapy and hormone treatment. I have lovely breasts now, I am a 36 now and I like to think I am beautiful, anyway, Mum and my friends always tell me I am. I have stopped from making the final step to move from therapy to a total sex-change, primarily because I do get very deep male feelings, not all the time, but they are there and I cannot deny them. My Mum tells me its fine and my girl friend is more than pleased to have me as a girl/male friend. I don't know if I am helping you, I do hope so. If you want to explore more then please contact me,
Franc xxx

EP is the right place if you are looking for help and understanding. There are some strange folks here but also a lot of girls just like you who are willing to share their experiences and their thoughts. Welcome.