I Am A Crossdresser

I am a crossdresser.    No I'm not a bureau that's angry!
I am a guy who enjoys wearing womans clothes.  Sometimes I dress up as women from head to toes.  I find woman's clothing much more comfortable than males.  I wish I could get away with wearing it 24/7.     Well I wear it when ever I can.  I buy things off of Ebay that I intend to wear!  I have went in to a couple thrift stores and lied said I was buying for my sister.  No one said anything!  There was a couple of guys that seemed to be watching me and made me a bit nervous.   Maybe they were spying on me  or else maybe they are crossdressers too.   They didn't do anything!  It's fun wearing woman's clothes! It makes life less boring!  Some people say that I don't understand  but they are the ones that really don't understand!   I say don't knock what you haven't tried!  I may look ridiculous but so what?
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Who cares what people think, i say if it fits and feels good wear it. My wife doesn't understand, that I am not gay, I love her dearly, but I really do love dressing as a woman. I feel so much more relaxed, when I am dressed as a woman.

I concur!

With you all the way soul sister! Men's Liberation, baby!