I Survived The Epilator :)

so here it goes..... I was sick and tired of shaving and struggling for the next 3 days from the growing hair getting rubbed on the skin.....so my wife visits her home town and am left to all myself...while cleaning the closet i come across the epilator that my wife bought looooong time back....and the light bulb went off in me...and thought to my self how bad can it be .... so it started....

Day 1: Started with the legs until the knees...it was not that bad so i thot it can be easy

Day 2: Finished the thighs and tested a small patch on the chest, it did hurt like **** and gave sores, but wanted to see how it heels in one day.

Day 3: The patch on the chest heal up with no sores and so i continued on a small patch on the tummy...it started to hurt with every strand of hair pull but i always had what i wanted in my mind and hairless smooth body.

Day 4 (Today): Took a total of 3 hours to the chest and tummy with short sessions of using the epilator on the chest and tummy and FINALLY its done.....Didnt have the guts to go near the bikini line or armpits (would be sticking to the good old razor for that).

But over all it was HELL of an experience BUT ITS WORTH ALLLLLL THE EFFORT
sweettanemily sweettanemily
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

i take my hubby to my salon for waxing. He found that having a cute filipino girl doing the waxing makes up for the pain!

It can be rough but love the result I get from my epilator

I've been using one for years on my legs,and yes it does hurt but you get use to it,I do use it around my **** I know it hurts like hell,I just grit my teeth and go for it
But I haven't used it on my chest and tummy yet,might have to give it a go now I have read this

Jayne xxx