I Got Caught Too

I got caught too. By my parents when I was about 14.

Was lectured about the importance of being a "real man". I clearly remember my heart breaking that night... and I cursed the day I was born as I was crying and screaming in anger and revolt. It was so humiliating and I felt my delicate soul violated so deeply that I thought I wouldn´t bear the pain.

Because I KNEW that I wasn´t doing anything wrong. That´s who I am. Many years later this lady psychologist told me I was "androgynous" in regard to gender and sexual orientation.

Been trying to live with that as I can but I feel it´s time to go to the next level.


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i got caught wearing the bra and panties my mom was looking for to wear herself, she yelled and told me to remove them. the next day i find the very same bra n panties in my room, with a pair of stockings and a garter belt that matched the bra n panties,from then on all i had to do was ask to wear her stuff, never looked back, today i have so much lingerie, i have a hard time choosing what to wear

Whoa! Icecreams, there is something wrong there. It's one thing to question and explore your gender, quite another ever to feel pressured to do anything you don't want to, especially below the age of consent. If your friend is truly a friend they will respect that. You've got into a tricky spot, and so have they. Time to talk seriously and change things. This is more than about getting caught cross-dressed.

i have been caught many times..first time was by my mother i was 13 i would dress in a schoolgirl uniform which i stole out a charity bag my mother had collected bra,blouse,pinifore and cardigan i would dress and ********** when she was at work..she came home early one day to see me doing it dressed infront of a mirror she was shocked left the room and returned with a belt and punished me hard. i was told to ***** and she carried off the clothes...strange it may seam i came home next day to find the clothes washed and ironed on my bed

i have never been caught and cross dressing secretly since 10

i say what ever makes you happy and don't let anyone tell u otherwise

I have never been caught crossdressing. I am extra careful when I dress because I know my wife would never accept me doing this. I do it in private and am still able to jack off and give myself a load to swallow without being detected. I have hinted to my wife that I wanted to see what I looked like while wearing her bra but she gives me a strange look and thinks I am kidding around. I will leave that subject alone and just do it in secret. I think I would rather leave it this way. I get my pleasure without hurting anyone else. : )

I was caught by my wife at the time while dressed in her bra and panties after I thought she had gone to bed. She didn't seem to mind so I just kept stroking myself. For months she and I would roam around the house in just bras and panties together.

i still the day that my mom caught me i was wearing a nightgown. I'm glad that my parents finally know about my crossdressing,i feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

I nearly got caught many times but somehow escaped that horror. I remember promising myself to quit, and I would for a time. Then I'd find myself home alone and into my moms clothes I'd go. For me it was 90% about the pantyhose though. To this day I still like skirts though.

It could be that you something else. I thought that I was a ********, leather, and bondage but they never fit me. Today, I am a transgender woman and crossdresser.<br />
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I hear you. I'm in that choir too.<br />
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I was never outright caught but I knew my Mother knew. She gave quiet hints and would tell me things like a blue silk blouse doesn't go with a green wool skirt. Subitle hints, not directed at me but sure enough directed at me.<br />
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I tried androgynous for years, it helped some ... but recently it's really not enough.