I Love To Crossdress

i been doing this for years i started out as a teen ,i would go into my mom room and get some of her under clothes and put them on, i love wear her gaterbelt and puting on hose and one of her bras, i do so love the feel of hose on my legs, every step i took with them made me feel so sexy, alter on i had a girlfriend that told me with my nice legs that she would love to see me in a garter belt and hose, and she took me and bought me some sexy things to wear for her and i did so love dressing up for her, when she got me all dress up she would tell me to get on the bed and drop my panties for her and she would rub my *** and slide a vibe into my ***, and take me and **** my *** until i blew a huge load all over the bed,She told me that she wanted ro see me on my jnees and to have a other man to **** me first then her, that got me so hot and horny and it took us a year to find a man that would do us both, we had many men that wanted to **** her but not me, When we did find a willing man she had me all dress up in a red garter belt and had me wear my **** black fishnet hose and my 44dd bra with a warm water ballon in the bar cups, i did feel so sexy all dress up that way, SHe answer the door and welcome him in and told him that her **** was in the bedroom and called me out and i walked in and he told her that her **** did look so hot and slutty in my **** outfit and he ask me to bend over and wiggle my **** *** at him, boy i did feel so hot and hornt, he rub my *** and pulled down my panties and slide a finger in my *** and told her he could tell i was a good ****, as i wiggle my *** on his finger, soon i had four fingers in my *** and he ask me if i wanted to be **** i told him i wanted it but i wanted to make sure he was hard for me, I turned around and took his **** into my mouth and sucked him for a long time in front of her and she was so hot and ******** down and was fingering herself. i took him into our bedroom and got in the doggly poastion and she lube up my *** with lube and lube his **** and place it at my hole, He push it in slowly and damm it feel so great, he pushed in until i feel his balls against my ***, then he started to **** me slow then speeded up and **** me hard and spanking my *** and calling me a hot ***** ****, i felt his **** sweeling in me and soon i felt the first *** ******* i had, his *** so was hot it burned as it filled me, i clamp down my *** muscle on his shooting ****, trapping him into me, as i cummed ashooting my *** out .he slide out of me rubbing his **** and *** on my ***, she washed hicock clean and started sucking him hard and told me to suck on his balls as she sucked him hard .Soon we both got him hard and ssshe climbed up and rode him hard and had many **** from him ******* her, i licked on her **** as he ****** her and soon i was licking his **** as he slam ****** her, after a time she hadher **** she raise up and told me to take hios *** on my face, i jacked his **** and he blew his huge load all over my face as she took picture of his **** shooting *** all over my face. i let mthem **** a couple times with out any help from me , i did so love watching her to drain a lover *** from him until he was dry. Talk about a hot time, we meet with him for a year until he had to leave town because his job.
lanehenry lanehenry
56-60, M
Jan 11, 2013