The Office Cheerleader

My wish is that I had tons of real life experiences to write about wearing skirts and dresses, having my hair permed and growing up with feminine self outside and not inside. Well, I don't.
I try to distinguish what really happened from my fantasy and wish list. Well, this one is a bit different but really happened last month. If nothing else I hope this story will make you laugh, or at least grin.

I was writing to a good friend here at EP in mid-December describing what I do with my job. Here's exactly what I wrote her:
"I really try to be a positive person all the time- I like being the cheerleader. Right now, I'm referring to at work with colleagues and at home with my kids.  I try to inspire people to be their best and push beyond their comfort zone."
Two days later we had our firm's Christmas party.  Here's the email I sent to everyone at the company the next morning (the conversation I refer to really happened):

The Email

What an evening last night!  
A tremendous turnout from the past and present, including retired and departed partners, admin personnel, and others from our past, but most of all---
You.  Yes, our current team- secretaries, admin, couriers, assistants, partners - everyone! 
One of a retired partners from years ago mentioned to me last evening all of the positive things that he sees and hears about the firm.  I couldn't have been more pleased.  He then looked at me and said I was doing a great job as the cheerleader. It was a very nice but somewhat different compliment.  Cheerleader? Really?
Then I thought about it more and realized he was absolutely right - that's what I try to do, not necessarily successfully.  And I love doing just that. 
Who wouldn't?  I'm cheering for the best team out there- a team comprised of each and every one of you. 
Happy Holidays to all of the team members!
I received a number of responses from folks.  More than a few mentioned that they couldn't envision me in a cheerleader skirt with pom poms.  

If they only knew....


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great story, i like it lol =]

Thanks for reading and commenting, Chris!
I mean it- trying to be positive helps me feel better and makes others feel good themselves.

yeah =]

"if they only knew"...oh, the number of times that phrase has passed through my head as I hear co workers talking about gays and queens...and anybody else that doesn't fit their idea of "normal"...
Personally, I like the idea of the cheerleader skirt, Letter sweater and pom poms for you dear!

Uh, so do I!
The skirt especially!

I Imagine you as My Cheerleader. You are an inspiration. Are you happy inside ?

Completely- I like who I am, and the balance between my outer male self and my inner girl. It has worked well for me.

I agree, if only they knew. I had to laugh at that part. I am sure it was hard for you to keep from laughing when you read some of their responses.

You know, if they ever have an office Halloween party, I have an idea of what you could go as. It would be fun, I'm sure!!!

Mary Beth, hmmm? Well, I know who could set my hair, at least!

Loved the story, Kim...I agree with others that you should change in the bathroom during lunch into the cutest little outfit that shows off your bottom. Arrange for a meeting at 1:30 calling all of the office personnel in that you want to show off to...that includes your boss. When everyone is seated...walk in...there will be silence (stunned crowd). Then launch into a good cheer that you've made up to boost morale. Do some kicks, and wave those pretty arms. When you're as you walk out the door. I'm sure they will be smiling back.

What a coincidence. I just finsihed a presentation to most of my colleagues in the office and got to use the cheerleader story and punch line again not 30 minutes ago!
Changing into the cutest little outfit- now I may love that, but the rest of them....?
Marcy, can you settle for pom poms? No, I didn't think so!

Hope you wore your corporate letterman sweater Kim (lol)!

Oh no...must have skirt, sweater, Bobbie socks, saddle shoes, and of course...your panties. I repeat frilly panties...frilly panties with huggable bears on them. Now get shopping girlfriend. Next meeting is in three weeks. Want me to schedule?

That outfit is, well, so enticing...I will have to consider more frequent pep rally meetings, especially if it means huggable bears on my frilly panties.

JML- The letterman's sweater would have been just a bit bulky under my navy blue suit. Combine that with my pleated navy skirt and I would have really drawn a crowd- or, come to think of it, have them run for the hills!

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I'll bet you're just being modest and that you're a fabulous cheerleader! :)

Perhaps I shot so poorly playing high school basketball because I was focused on the cheerleaders and their cute outfits. Splits would have done me in!

There have been many times in my past where I have laughed off the oppertunity to dress up for a party or something. I regret every one.
Since being on E.P. I have gained confidence to be more like, well, the real me. In recent years I have grasped every oppertunity to dress up, and created some of my own. It turns out many of my real life friends had their suspisions about me all along.
Since grasping these oppertunities and getting out there, I am beginning to realise that most people aren't bothered.
It's all good! X

You're exactly right- it is all good. I have always been happy with myself. In the past two months, I feel, well, buoyant. And that's even better.

Funny how things happen where someone is trying to picture us in a skirt or dress. Generally they can't fathom it. I guess that's because we do such a good job crafting our outer shell.

I actually got to wear a cheerleader outfit on a Halloween when I was in high school. An ex of mine suggested I join her and some friends, since I had no costume she suggested I wear her outfit. Makeup, pantyhose, etc it was great. Except I hated the makeup ; I took it off after the costume contest (which I won) but enjoyed the outfit and compliments on my legs. We went to a haunted house and had a blast.

I recently found a cheerleader outfit at a local a local costume shop ; I need to go get one :-P

I am so envious! I am not sure I would have said yes had the opportunity arose, as I know it would have been so clear how much I enjoyed the outfit. Kaylee has read me exactly (below). A ribbon in my hair, the cheerleader skirt and it wouldn't have been a dream- it would have been heaven.

I think at the time I was more excited about wearing the thick denier pantyhose than I was the. Cheerleader outfit. It was really fun though; enough that I want am outfit of my own years later :-)

Kim, You'll just have to wear your cheerleader leotard and skirt under your business casual attire.

I so love the thought! If I had a skirt on underneath, I would be either at my most productive level or so distracted, I couldn't see straight. Both are well, very intriguing alternatives.

Some outfits have a small skirt with a leotard top so it won't show or bunch up under your work attire.