Barbie- Queen Of The Prom

Once again, my fondest wish is that I had tons of real life experiences to write about wearing skirts and dresses, having my hair permed and growing up with feminine self outside and not inside. Well, I don't. I try to distinguish what really happened from my fantasy and wish list. Once again, what you are about to read really happened. And it doesn't involve dressing (darn!). But I liked wearing dresses and I happen to think you will enjoy a growing up adventure nevertheless. You know, you have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes as well.

Some of you may recall Jenny, from my Basketball/ Pleated Skirts story. No, Jenny is not in this story (I so wish!). However, uh, her board game is.

Jenny lived right across the street. She was a year older than I was. Her brother was just about my age, and his younger brother and mine were close friends as well (and still are). The four of us played wiffle ball, hoops , touch football, playing (and falling into) the creek, playing at the railroad tracks, having the big kids tell us at ages 7 and 4 that there is no Santa Claus- you know, the typical kid things 45-50 years ago.

One winter it was pretty ugly over Christmas break. We went outdoors as much as we could but playing hoops at 25 degrees got old quickly. So the four of us were inside much of the time. We had about outgrown train sets. The fort and civil war soldiers? Throwing the tennis ball to kill and maim the Civil War troops for the fourth time. We soon tired of that too.

So we turned to board games. My brother and I were across the street at our friends' house. I guess Jenny had been playing one of her board games and left it out. We decided to play it for a lark- Barbie Queen of the Prom.


It was actually fun. We laughed, finished the game, and then played again. And again. And again. I am not making this up. The four of us were hooked. We played the entire Christmas break. If our friends had to go out, my brother and I would bring the game back to our house. The game was addictive.

Admission time. Yes, I really liked the thought of being a girl then. But I swear, my girlish side (which I hid well) had nothing to do with my attraction to this game. After all, the other three were all straight, athletic and are all married with kids (as am I).   Barbie Queen of the Prom was like a drug. We couldn't get enough. Yeah, the idea of the game was to attract the ideal guy for a dream prom date.

How did I even remember which game we played all hose years ago? I didn't. However, I did recall that one of the male suitors was named Poindexter. How could you forget that name? That made it easy to research. And all along my recollection was that we had been playing Mystery Date.  Dang!!

Yes, we were all playing the roles of girls and laughing as we did. Were all four of us girlish? Highly doubtful. We just were having fun doing something that was totally out of character. My friend and I were probably 14 (that's embarrassing to admit!)- our brothers were 11

None of us wanted to end up with Poindexter obviously- he was the loser, although looking at what I found on a website, Tom (with the classic black plastic glasses of the era) doesn't look like a catch either. Even Bob with the crew cut- well, that was a prevailing look when this game first was introduced.

Ken, of course, was the prize. With his dapper bow tie.

Yeah, all four of us were acting totally cross-gender. Trying to get the cutest guy. Picking out our dress, or whatever the game required. Here's a posting from a girl who played Barbie Queen of the Prom as a young girl:

"I had to laugh at all the mentions of Poindexter! I thought my sisters, friends & I were the only ones who thought he was "icky" (someone said he had "throw-up hair" because of the color - that still comes to mind whenever I see the name, lol). They wanted Ken, but I thought Bob looked like more fun (wearing what looked like a Beach Boys/sailing shirt vs. Ken's coat & tie - how dull). I still remember the blue prom dress, it looked lacy & delicate. Great fun for a 6 year old!"

Great fun for a six year old (girl)?  Is she kidding? It was great fun  for four boys 11 to 14. Lacy and delicate? Right up my alley!

Someone is invariably going to ask how much I liked the game because I liked the thought of being a girl. That likely had something to do with my fascination, but minimally. The fact that all four of us had been hooked was the real vibe. (Okay, I occasionally thought about wearing the prom dress with a petticoat. What can I say- I had a little girl in me!)

Postscript- I recall we played once the following Christmas. We all laughed and never thought of the game again (well, one of us did, fondly).

I have always been tempted to ask my brother if he recalls playing. I am confident he does (no one forgets Poindexter), but will never admit it. I just hope he doesn't ask why I brought the subject up!
Second Postscript  As promised, when I saw my brother a few months after writing this story, I asked him if he had any recollection of playing Barbie Queen of the Prom. He did! My brother even remembered Poindexter and Bob as two of the dates, along with Ken of course. 

He also corrected me and said that Jenny played with us some of the time, probably so we could get our prom outfits right. So, no, I wasn't losing my mind with this memory. 

Of course, I don't think my brother thinks about wearing the prom dress like I do, and the panties and petticoats that will accompany the dress!  But without question, both of us still think of Jenny.




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Sure you looked adorable in the lovely dress and far too good for poor old Poindexter!

Susan, what a game when it is designed to have one of the dates be a dud. No wonder high school dating was such a challenge. I likely would have had more success wearing that cute dress.

Pretty cute story.

Hi Kim, wonderful story...there were so many games for girls back then. We had them and played a few times with my cousins, though not the obsession you guys Aren't you glad they didn't have video games in our youth? We'd never have graduated.


Mary Beth

Oh, you graduated? I was still playing Queen of the Prom...
Good point on video games- they can be so addicting as I have watched with my two sons. My true board game weakness was distinctly unfeminine- APBA baseball. Played it by the hour- head to head or solitaire. What can I say- baseball is my other passion.

As promised, I asked my brother last night (I am spending the weekend with him on the Outer Banks) if he had any recollection of playing Barbie Queen of the Prom. He did! He even remembered Poindexter and Bob as two of the dates, along with Ken of course.
He also corrected me and said that Jenny played with us some of the time, probably so we could get our prom outfits right. So, no, I wasn't losing my mind with this memory.
Of course, I don't think my brother thinks about wearing the prom dress like I do, and the panties and petticoats that will accompany the dress!

Yes I think you'll need to do that.

Silken Flame, what a nice dress.

That's pretty funny. If you can't laugh at yourself you should laugh or anyone else. What a cute story love it.

It was very strange but we had a lot of fun (me more than the other three). I will be with my brother this weekend- I'll have to ask him if he remembers that Christmas and dating Poindexter..

It's such a cute game. I just looked at Amazon and it is on sale there. they made a newer version in the mid 1990s.

Thanks for sharing your story on board game

Beautiful prom dresses by the way.

Please keep in mind that the blue dress has been taken already! I sprung for the additional $5.00.

Hi Kim....that was certainly a light-hearted story. Enjoyed it very much. When you said you wondered whether you should ask your brother about his recollection it spurred a memory for me, and my comment to my twin brother much later in life. I won't go into detail, but when we were about 11 yrs old, my brother and I were sleeping in a tent with a friend (one yr older, but much more mature). My brother and I hadn't gone thru puberty yet, but he had. Anyway, just as we were about to go to sleep, my friend whispers to my brother, "Suck my ****"...and it was like "What?!?!?". Well, needless to say we both sucked his ****. And then over the next couple years, there was some more *********** that went on with him and other friends. Not interesting enough to share details....but by the time we were 15/ was a thing of the past, and never looked back (until about 2 years ago, but that's another story.

Now...getting to the point of the story, I was talking with my brother just a year or so ago, and brought up the ****-sucking of those early years. He looked at me like I was crazy. He outright denied ever doing anything so gross. It was kind of unbelievable to me. I was there. I witnessed the dirty deed, and he either was too embarrassed or had completely blocked it from his memory.

I'm not embarrassed about it....just a part of growing up. As you know, I'm also 100% hetro, but have dabbled twice on the other side as Marcy in the last 2 years.

Love, Marcy

I remember spend the night parties with boys in 5th and 6th grade and hearing years later that there was "activity" similar to what you described. I guess I was not invited to that aspect of the parties.

Thanks Kim for sharing your story. Who did get Ken?

I really did want Barbie. Wow, you will not believe this.I was writing a comment when I saw your message. The comment is to you- on suggestions for music. On its way shortly!

Found it.

I will be honest. I want Barbie in the blue dress with a flaring petticoat, and I would have been perfectly happy to have a matching outfit! Going to prom in a dress with a girlfrend- not likely back then but what a thought!

I agree, not likely. However, today th
ere are organizations that run those events where you can attend in your blue dress and permed hairdo.

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