I Can Not Believe My Own Eyes

when I see myself all dressed up in a panty, thigh highs, over freshly shaved legs, and painted toe nails with open toe high heels. I love to wear a slip and satin robe to top it all off.
I often fantasize about being zipped into a sexy little dress while dressed in a waist cincher with garters and lace topped stockings and ankle strap peep toe high heels to show off my pretty pedicured and painted toes.
My mistress has me wearing pretty floral print panties with lace trim today. She loves to see me in sexy panties. I love wearing all of these feminine things.
Plugslave Plugslave
3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

To be dressed in sexy clothing and have a mistress to serve, lovely.

I love to dress. Short skirts thigh highs heels matching panties and bra. Mmmm just the thoughts of dressing make me feel.... excited to say the least.

Getting all dressed up is such a great feeling