Crossdressing Music

My fav song at the moment is by Gabriella Cilmi - "Sweet About Me" . I love to play this on repeat playback as i stand wearing nothing but my thong,sheer thigh high stockings and strappy platform heels  & do my makeup & hair while my older guy watches. I often smudge my  mascara when he approaches me from behind ....his hands stroking my hips & legs, caressing my bottom & playing with my thong between my tight cheeks. I just love to wiggle my hips into him as he does this....his bulge up against my bottom feels out of this world.

When the make up & hair is done, i like to wear a very tight pencil skirt slit up both sides exposing the tops of my thigh high stockings & sit on his knee just like a naughty secretary...tossing my hair & giggling just like a girly girl as i tease him.....stroking his rod until he begs for more until i stop teasing & take him in my mouth just like a naughty slutty secretary.


Any one else have any fav music when cross dressed?

michellecd michellecd
3 Responses Nov 9, 2008

Nothing like being with a girl that actually WANTS to be a opposed to the many that view it as some kind of curse or punishment. MUAH! Awesome folks, every one of you! We're gonna go find that music now. :)

Love your storie. I listen to R&B when I dress, as it brings back memories that make me feel good. Everything I wear goes on easy then. Before I head out, I dance with a cocktail or two. Music is great. But my music doesn't get me what U have CLOSE while dressing. You Go Girl<br />
Shanna B

As I dress, Silence is sweet!<br />
Without a whisper, I go through all steps of becoming me!<br />
This is something i love! ...As the song says...'Silence is Golden!'<br />
No! I certainly don't have a favourite song! Any GOOD Ideas?