I Love to Look Like a Shady Lady

i wear panties all the time and bras and stockings as much as possible, but what i really like is to dress like a working girl. i start by shaving completely from head to toe then i apply the makeup. ruby red lips, mascara, base and blush. i put on my wig. then i start. first a thong. i like to do this in front of a mirror. i slowly bring the thong up into place. the garter belt is next. the stockings take ten minutes. i like to slowly insert my toes and then push slowly while the i feel the nylon softly caresses my leg. i bring it all yhe way up and attach it to the belt. i like to sit when i put on my stockings. i like to hold my leg up and smooth the stocking from the toe to my thigh. then i start with the other leg. next is my red leather mini. my top is a black strapless bra worn under a white fishnet blouse. sandals are gold. i go out to get the mail but that's as far as i dare. i do wear the outfit the rest of the day. my wife gives me tips on the makeup. she wants to take me out one day. that will be a big step. i'm not ready yet.

mielcaliente mielcaliente
61-65, M
4 Responses Feb 23, 2009

if i do, and that is a big if, i'll let you know what happened.

I might be a good idea.

that scares the heck out of me. i'm hopeing i'll get the nerve when on vacation where no one knows me.

Wow you have it down pretty good. It's great your wife wants to take you out. Wish mine would or me take her out while I'm dressed. Maybe some day.