Exposed By a Horse!

I was dressed up the other day - cream blouse and stockings, dark red skirt and body, with black suspender/garter belt. I thought I looked pretty good, so I decided to take a few photos.

Well, my rear garden isn't overlooked and I'm surrounded by high fences, so I thought I'd get better pictures in the mirror in my back room overlooking the garden.

I had taken a few fully dressed and, as I was headed into the shower immediately afterward, I decided to ***** down and take more photos as more was exposed.

I'd just taken off the skirt, and was standing there, with my back to the window, posing with the camera in this short cream blouse and thong-style body when I heard a noise from outside.

I turned around and, visible over the top of my 6-foot fence, were two teenage girls on horseback!! They had obviously gotten a good eye-ful as the one in the rear was turned almost right around, looking at me and laughing her head off!!!

So, next week, I'll give them more of the same - if I'm out, I'm out all the way :-)

HelenHiwater HelenHiwater
6 Responses Feb 27, 2009


Wow - I would have liked to have seen that... Maybe I would have come and said hello and seen if you wanted some help... ;-)

wow! I don't know what I would have done.

Great story and funny

No, I wasn't wearing a wig, and my hair is pretty short! Photos may follow if I can find one or two that don't have too much flash reflection on them.

Good story Helen, as you did'nt say if you was wearing a wig or not ??? maybe that was why they were laughing, or you have a beard. Nice to have you on here. When do can we see your photo's.???