I love wearing womens clothes but am a bit scared as I am married with 4 children and have wanted to go that bit further sometimes and be made up properly and be passable.
i have walked in 6 inch heels before and felt great
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Yes she caught me once and was not happy she would not talk to me for about a week

Mine caught me and we talked about it. She was afraid my business associates or one of her friends might recognize me. She sent me to a therapist and after several sessions told her I was not curable so if she wanted to divorce me she should. He helped her understand. That said we are still together 15 years later. She knows I do it but still has never seen Randi. I am not sure what I will do when we retire.

Yes it does feel great, and the kids will be grown some day and you can be yourself!! Does your wife know?

Yes she caught me and did not speak to me for at least a week

Ooooooo not good, and nothing since probably.

I did for years off and on and even wrote a book about it. My kids still don't know a thing; only my wife does. Check it out, Google: "He's my Little Girl" .

the deal we have is she buys me womens panties,nylons heels etc and when i wear it i have to do womens work in the house ,it was the only way she would agree to me doing it,try to make a deal,my wife was very much against it at first but now she loves it

your one of the lucky ones

she caught me and said if she caught me again we were over

that's the way my wife feels..

just do it i have been for years and my wife is very supportive,we have a very good deal

thank tyou for your comments

Do whatever makes you happy :)

I truly hope you get to do it. You will love it.

I feel the same way