I am crossdresser want to have a date with another crossdresser. This is that I am desired all my life but it very dificult to have it because many CD have fear or do not acept it yet many want inside. I will keep fighting to find
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I want to have a date with another crossdresser to.. but hard to find around here

Yea its very hurt the people do not dare or have fear. I do not what happend

I understand you.

What city do you live in? I'd meet to go out but not sure of a relationship.

Miami Fl and you ?

Other side of the country...Sacramento

place ads in your local papers or craigslist there are cder's in every town. I no People dont trust CL, but u dont put any personal info on there, till u find who u are lookin 4. Then meet in a public place. I have met some very interesting people thru CL.

It's like a lesvian relationship that I want

What is a lesvian?

Betwen two crossdresser

Same :)

I want to have a relationship

I would not call it a date. I just want to meet someone face to face that is like me "a crossdresser" and be able to talk about what we feel. Maybe do some girl shopping.

Yes me too!

I would love to also